10 Best 30-Inch Range Hoods 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

A 30-inch range hood is one of the best ways you can maximize cooking space in your home without sacrificing air quality

The best kitchen hoods are not difficult to find – but they can be difficult to buy! We’ve compiled this list of the best 30-inch range hoods for your home so that you don’t waste time and money on products that may not work best for what you need.

This list includes brands like Broan, Hauslane, and Cosmo Range Hoods, which all offer quality products at affordable prices.

List of 10 Best 30-Inch Range Hood Reviews

1. CIARRA 30 inch Black Range Hood

The CIARRA 30 inch Black Range Hood utilizes 45 CFM for your needs depending on what you are cooking, and it is safe with less than 8.5 Sones at the highest speed level. For safety purposes, these 30-inch range hoods have LED lights that can light up any dark kitchen, but if you are in a hotel or just have the venting cut off, then purchase our optional Carbon Filter Kit to convert your range hood into a ductless mode (re-circulation).

And for all your cooking needs, when you’ve got thick smoke pouring out of anything being cooked inside your home oven, this product will satisfy every customer’s expectations.

2. Broan-NuTone 413001 30″ Range Hood

The Broan-NuTone Range Hood helps to overcome the cook’s kitchen challenge of poor ventilation and limited lighting for cooking by offering protection against grease, smoke, and odors. The quality white finish improves the kitchen décor while an easy-care charcoal filter captures grease build-up that might otherwise appear on cabinets or walls.

An effective incandescent light system evens out brightness over baking surfaces, while an optional 75-watt top lamp provides supplemental illumination during nighttime cooking.

The stove hood is non-ducted only – it relies on a replaceable charcoal filter which will keep your kitchen fresh with optimum grease capture. Add convenience to the other features with separate rocker switches controlling 2-speed fan removes smoke and odors effectively.

3. Cosmo 63175S 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

Cosmo 63175S 30 inch wall mount range hood is a great choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly range hood that offers an impressive performance. This hood has a 65 dB max noise level and powerful airflow of 380 CFM to help remove smoke, grease, and odors from the air.

The 3-speed electronic control gives you precise settings, while its convenient pushbutton controls make it easy to use. This unit comes with a halogen light that provides bright illumination over your cooking surface. The lights are energy-efficient and dimmable, so you can adjust them depending on your needs.

4. Tieasy Range Hoods 30 inch Stainless Steel

Tieasy Range Hoods are a premium quality 30-inch range hood that has been designed with the modern kitchen in mind. It has a 450 CFM airflow that will help remove smoke or odors from your kitchen area while cooking.

It also features 3-speed (high, mid, and low) push-button control, which makes it easy for you to choose what speed works best for you. The noise level of this vent hood is less than 55db at high speed.

The LED energy-saving light on the 30-inch range hoods will provide you with bright light while using less energy than traditional lights. The easy-clean filters are removable and dishwasher safe, so you can always keep them sparkling clean!

5. Hauslane | Chef Series 30″ PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Hauslane’s Chef Series 30″ Range Hood is a high-quality product that has been built with durability in mind. This range hood has touch controls and a professional appearance. Its blower is made of stainless steel, so it can last for years to come. It also features maximum power, which can be achieved at 860 CFM. The baffle filters are made of stainless steel, so you will not have any problems with them rusting or corroding over time.

The Hauslane PS18 features touch controls for easy operation, and installation of this product is easy if your kitchen has vented construction, but it does come with a template to help you install it in non-vented kitchens as well.

6. VESTA 30-Inch Range Hood

The Vesta range hood is a beautiful, high-quality product that can be installed under your kitchen cabinet. This unit measures 30 inches and features an elegant design with a long-lasting finish to maintain its beauty over time! With powerful 700 CFM motor making this one of the most efficient ranges found on today’s market.

The VESTA 30-Inch Range Hoods are inconspicuous and easy to install. The Super Quiet operation, with a maximum noise level of 65 dB, provides a quiet and serene kitchen experience. The whole body is made up of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned with just warm water and a wet cloth for the superior stainless steel baffle filters that are dishwasher safe.

This product comes backed by lifetime warranties on motors and 1-year limited warranty on parts.

7. EVERKITCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

For those looking for a contemporary modern way to pleasantly ventilate your kitchen using the power of a range hood, you’ll love the sleek and powerful design of this EVERKITCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood. With sturdy stainless steel housing that is rust-resistant with a polished finish, this product can stand up to years of cooking. The silencers on the Everkitch range hood also do an excellent job shutting down any excess whooshing sounds as you cook!

This kitchen appliance is a must-have in any modern home. It’s powerful yet quiet and provides 3 levels of speed to suit every need. Even when on high speed, the noise level still falls below 65db for going about your day in peace while maintaining a strong air suction power that works wonders against cooking smells in the kitchen.

Stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe and durable, so feel at ease knowing spills will be no problem either. Installation can be done through three possible venting ways with rectangle outlets: top venting, top venting with shaped outlet, or rear venting with shaped outlet. So with the EVERKITCH 30-inch range hoods, you’ll experience comfort and relief from all your stovetop woes!

8. Comfee 30 Inch Ducted Pyramid Range

Comfee’s Kitchen Range Hoods are perfect for condos or apartments where space is limited. With all-stainless steel, aluminum filters to effectively remove greases and cooking odors, this range hood has you covered. The 5 layer aluminum filter comes detached and dishwasher safe that helps easily clean away grease or food buildup with your favorite soap.

The range hood package includes 2 stainless steel adjustable decorative covers, 3 aluminum filter filters, 1 exhaust duct, 1 screw pack, so installing your new kitchen exhaust fan becomes quick and easy. Comfee provides a manufacturer warranty of one year on these products, so it won’t cost anything to fix defects during installation or accidental damages in the future. This product offers custom-tailored ventilation solutions for your home!

9. Cavaliere 30-Inch Range Hood

The Cavaliere Range Hood is a heavy-duty commercial grade range hood that provides 900 CFM of powerful and whisper-quiet cooking ventilation. Stainless steel construction and the latest Blower Technology allow for easy cooking surface illumination with two Halogen 35W light bulbs.

Controls are operated by an electronic touch-sensitive control panel, allowing you to choose from six-speed levels that are now easier than ever to use. The filters are also dishwasher safe, which means less time spent maintaining your range hood! Get the kitchen range hood that’s built to last with the Cavaliere 30-Inch Range Hood.

10. KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe 30″ Wall Mount Range Hood

Anyone who’s ever used a range hood has never seen one like the KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5. With all its impressive features, it will be impossible to keep your mouth shut when you tell friends and family about this model.

Enjoy halving cooking time with the 18 gauge stainless steel that both protects against damage and makes for easy cleaning. Feel safe knowing that 680 CFM of aeration is continually pushing fumes away from you quickly without bothering anyone nearby with noise or smells, thanks to our ultra-quiet blower.

Couple those specs with two LED lights (3w) for ample illumination in darker corners, making these 30-inch range hoods an even better choice than most standard units!

How to Find the Best 30-Inch Range Hood

Number of Fan Speeds

The majority of 30-inch range hoods that we tested had three to six speeds. Two speeds are recommended: one for cooking and another for after-cooking to allow the air to circulate while you eat. Three speeds are too many. Manufacturers should limit the number of speeds they offer to three. Instead, they should use a variable speed switch so that users can set the speed to their preference.

CFM Level

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the measurement of power or air movement in range hoods. 30-inch range hoods that have at least 350 cubic feet per minute are recommended if you cook heavy, with steam and strong odors. A minimum of 1 CFM per 100 British thermal units (BTU) is recommended for high-output gas ranges and cooktops. To clear the air best, choose a range hood with 450 CFM if your burner output is more than 45,000 BTU. The hood’s volume will increase the more CFM it has.


Shadows may be cast by 30-inch range hoods between the overhead lighting source in the kitchen and the work surface above the stove. Most households should have the ability to turn on interior lighting from the hood by pressing a button. You have the option of using LED, fluorescent, incandescent, or ultra-bright Halogen bulbs. They can be safely used while you cook or as nightlights in dark kitchens.

Sound Level

30-inch vent hoods will be loud at the very least when they are in their highest setting. We looked at the reviews for various models and found that noise was the number one complaint.

Some 30-inch range hoods are more silent than others, although they make less noise than normal. You can feel the model’s noise level in person if you visit a showroom. Customer reviews, if you are unable to visit a showroom, will give you a better idea of what noise your vent hood makes.


The best way to find a range hood for your kitchen is by considering the size you need and how much noise it generates. If these two things are important, we recommend a 30-inch range hood that offers enough space but doesn’t produce too much sound. You also want to think about what kind of venting system will work best in your home or business– options include recirculating, downdrafts, and ductless systems. Whatever type you choose, make sure that there is adequate clearance from combustible surfaces such as cabinets where grease could accumulate and catch fire!

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