8 Best 36-Inch Electric Cooktop Reviews in 2021 You Can Buy

A 36-inch electric cooktop is not only practical but also stylish. They are a convenient way to cook in the kitchen and have many features that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Do you have a need for cooking with a stove? If so, we can help! We have researched and tested the market for you and found these eight best 36-inch electric cooktops to choose from.

List of 8 Best 36-Inch Electric Cooktop Reviews

1. GE PP9036SJSS 36-Inch Electric Cooktop with 5 Radiant

The GE Profile is simple and intuitive in its design. The GE PP9036SJSS 36-Inch Electric Cooktop has five burners that have 11 heat settings and a triple element that can reach 800 F for quick boiling. The buttons are easy to use and have graphics.

Dual burners allow you to cook evenly on a grill. Each burner has its own timer, which allows you to track the cook times of multiple dishes at once. Once you’re done cooking, the heat indicator light will stay on until the burners cool down.

The control lock on the GE Profile protects young children. It also gives you burn-protected counter space if the cooktop is not being used. The modern, clean look of this cooktop is evident. It’s more expensive than many other cooktops, but its versatility and ease of use make it an excellent choice.

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2. 36″ Built-in Electric Cooktop by GASLAND

The GASLAND 36-inch electric cooktop features five burners that can be used to prepare all kinds of food. The bakelite controls and scratch-resistant glass are a great addition to our electric cooktop. You have the option of dual-ring cooking zones or a seven-element power level. You can cook your food exactly the way you want.

These hot surface indicators lights will help you and your family stay safe and away from danger. The black glass surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It will remain shiny and smooth throughout its lifetime.

There are many heating options for the elements that make up our list. You can use your cooktop to sear, boil, and simmer. You can heat your food exactly how you want it to be.

There is no power boil setting for this cooktop, despite the fact that there are many heat settings and controls. It’s slightly harder to boil your pasta or water. This might not work for you if you cook a lot.

Some reviewers noted that knobs could be a bit loose. Be careful not to bump into them. It is not a good idea to accidentally burn the butter or turn off the soup.

3. GE JP3536DJBB 36 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with Dual-Size Powers

A 36-inch electric cooktop is much larger, especially if you want to add a fifth element. This cooktop is made by GE and features an arced knob design. It works much better than the 30-inch model.

This cooktop is very well-designed. The left front dual element can be used for boiling or simmering and has adjustable rings that range from 5 to 8 inches. The rear element is 1200 watts and has a keep-warm function. The rear right element is identical and has the extra low heat melting function. The element on the front left is suitable for quick boiling and can also be used to broil. The central 2700 watts dual element, which has a 9-inch and 12-inch setting, is for larger pots.

Additional features include dishwasher-friendly knobs and a hot surface indicator. Some people have trouble keeping the glass top clean. However, if that doesn’t happen, you can try another popular cleaner. It requires a 240V / 208V connection and a 40amp circuit breaker.

It is practical and can be used for almost all types of cooking. Although it is spacious, there aren’t any bridge or mergeable elements to allow for large oval or griddle pots.

4. Frigidaire FFEC3624PB36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

Frigidaire is a leader in kitchen appliances. Frigidaire was the first to create an electric refrigerator, home freezer, and room air conditioner. You can expect new products from them. The Frigidaire 36-inch Electric Cooktop is of the highest quality.

The sleek black design of this electric cooktop will complement any modern kitchen. The manufacturers offer a solution for messy cooks who want to keep the electric cooktop looking great. Spill Saver Design protects your cooktop from scratches and marks. This ensures that the cooktop looks new even after repeated uses.

Four heating elements are included with the Frigidaire FFEC3624PB. The two 6-inch burners are capable of producing 1200 watts of heating power. The other burners are capable of producing up to 2500 W heating power. The cooktop comes with color-coordinated control dials that make it simple to use and maintain a sleek appearance.

Additional features include a hot surface indicator and a power-on indicator. The electric cooktop will impress guests with its sleek appearance and make it easy for you to prepare the delicious meals your family loves. It is also approved by the UL Safety Listing, making it a great addition to any classic or modern kitchen.

5. GE 36-Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction

The GE PHP9036DJBB 36-inch Electric Cooktops come with 5 induction burners that are perfect. The cooktop is 55 pounds in weight and comes in dark colors. Product dimensions are 40 inches in length and 26.6 inches wide.

The machine has a timer that allows you to cook your meals for a specific amount of time. After the timer ends, the burner will turn off. The cooktop’s components are 700-Watt each, which is enough to heat only what.

There are up to 5 heating elements in the cooktop. They can be found in designated places on the cooktop. The burner doesn’t require batteries and operates entirely on electricity. The frame is made from stainless steel and can last a long time.

The machine has sensors that measure the size of the utensils and then heat the appropriate heating. LED lighting has been used to highlight the panel. It is slip-proof so that it doesn’t slide when being used.

6. Samsung 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Stovetop Cooktop with WiFi Connectivity

The Samsung 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Stovetop combines both digital and analog features. The induction is controlled by the knobs, and the touch screen displays the digital side. The digital touch display allows the user to adjust the temperature for various food items. The touch panel can be Led enabled and lights up when it is in use.

Dual element sync control allows you to control two elements at once, increasing the cooking speed. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the cooktop to your chimney or hood. These 36-inch electric cooktops can accommodate large cooking pots. It has an adjustable cooking area that adjusts to fit the pot’s size. You can achieve precise results with the 15 heat settings included.


The LG 36-inch Electric Cooktops may be the most elegant induction on the market. The induction is digitally controlled via central controls. The controls can be operated by touch. Users simply need to tap the button they want to activate. The burners come with LED lighting and are equipped with 5 burners. The heating surface can be adjusted to fit the container’s size.

Steady Heat Technology, which was recently introduced, provides an even flow of heat at all temperatures. This allows for proper cooking. It can also adapt quickly to temperature changes. The dimensions of the Triple element are 12″/9″,/6″, and the Double element is 9″/6″. A warm feature is available to heat already prepared foods.

8. Electrolux EI36EC45KB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

The electric ceramic glass cooktop has five burners and is easily controlled with its easy controls. Blacktop is used for the unit. The burners are placed diagonally, with 2 at each end. The cooktop can hold 2 to 3 pieces. You can prepare multiple dishes at once for your party. To prepare multiple dishes for a party or get-together, you will need different sizes of cookware. One of its best features is the triple and double elements. This allows for 7 different sizes to be placed on the cooktop, so food can be prepared.

The power buttons are located in the middle of the burner. This is so that there are no burning chances. Each burner has its own button. The best thing about the Electrolux electric cooktop is its ability to save your own cooking presets – just like you can boil water or cook rice every day.

You can set the time, and the program will cook the dish exactly as you want it to. You can see the current power level, as well as whether it is on or off via the digital display. This cooktop is well worth the money. It will make cooking easy and simple.

How To Choose The Best 36-Inch Electric Cooktop

Are you having trouble deciding on the best 36-inch electric cooktop for your home? Before you make your decision, consider these important points.


Your budget is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Electric cooktops 36 inches in diameter aren’t cheap. They can be as low as $700 or as high as $2000. The features that come with them will affect the price. You can save money by considering the durability of your model. It will last for a long time and won’t need parts replaced or repaired.

Energy Efficiency

36-inch electric cooktops are great for energy efficiency. They use less energy than the full oven-and stove combination. Induction smooth-top models that heat up immediately are the most efficient. Radiant-coil cooktops may be less efficient because they take longer to heat up but transfer heat quicker than radiant smooth-top cooktops, which are the most energy-efficient.

Your Cookware

You will have the most flexibility with 36-inch electric cooktops that can be swiveled between small and large burners. Some even have the ability to sync more than one burner for large pans or griddles.

Also, it’s worth looking at the layout of your cooking zones. You may find that your cookware fits better in designs where they are not aligned exactly.


Ceramic glass cooktops have a sleek, stylish look and can double as counter space when not in use.

An electric cooktop will not require you to reach for a burner. The touch controls can be placed conveniently in the middle of the stove so that temperature adjustments are easy. Ideal cooktops display heat digitally, which then accurately measures the temperature. However, control dials should be left behind. These are not only difficult and time-consuming to clean, but they also limit the amount of prep space you have for your cooktop.


The ideal 36-inch electric cooktops offer a variety of options to make cooking easier and safer.

The control locks will render the cooktop inoperable. This will ensure that your children are not tempted to use unsafe knobs. Many cooktops today have red lights that indicate whether the burner is on or off. This safety feature is essential for households with children and pets.

You can set the temperature and heat to your electric cooktop. You can, for example, set a time to heat or boil water. The cooktop will adjust automatically to make sure you are satisfied without the need to touch it.

The investment of a quality stovetop is worth it since this appliance will most likely be used every single day for years to come. A resourceful cooktop allows cooks to make delicious feasts without using up as much time preparing and cleaning.


Do you think your kitchen needs a makeover? A second cooktop allows you to make more flexible plans. No matter if you’re looking for an efficient or smooth 36-inch electric cooktop, there are many choices and subtleties. You can choose the right cooktop for you and your family by understanding your space requirements, cooking preferences, and upgrades.

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