9 Best 36-Inch Range Hoods Reviews of 2021 You Can Buy

The 36-inch range hood is an increasingly popular size kitchen hood. They are large enough to cover most gas and electric stoves but not so big that they dominate the kitchen or take up too much space.

36-inch range hoods also tend to be easier on the budget than larger models because they don’t need as powerful of a fan, which can save you money in energy costs over time.

The best 36-inch range hood is one that fits your specific needs while still fitting into your kitchen design scheme. Here are 9 of the most popular 36-inch model options available today!

List of 9 Best 36-Inch Range Hood Reviews

1. Cosmo COS-5MU36 36 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Cosmo range hood will help you attain your gourmet cooking goals. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the utmost care, we bring you beautiful premium range hoods at a low cost. The slim design is space-saving and has a slim profile that can easily fit under most cabinets, making it perfect for condos and apartments as well as low ceilings.

With the Clearview airflow filters and advanced LED lighting, these lovely products will do cooking and cleaning super easy without those pesky odors to worry about! Not only does this save on clean-up time, but it also helps protect your health by eliminating harmful smells from getting into your home. Oh yeah–and don’t even get us started on how great these look in any kitchen!

When you need an efficient yet quiet vent hood, this is your go-to champion. With its 3-speed motor and 56db max, there’s no other range hood that can beat it at combining functionality with power for your kitchen. So if you want to filter out smoke and pests without any of that pesky noise or sound, rely on the professionals: The Cosmo COS-5MU36 36 inch Under Cabinet Range Hood.

2. Cosmo 63190 36 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

Reduce smells and odors around your kitchen with the Cosmo 63190 36 inch Wall Mount Range Hood. To remove smoke, grease, or other unwanted aromas from your kitchen quickly and easily, this model creates a gentle draft that pulls unwanted particles out of the room for a crisp, clean environment. This model is known to have an impressive 380 CFM airflow while producing just 65db noise max making it perfect for any busy household.

Utilizing an ARC-FLOW system, the Cosmo 63190 Range Hood is optimal for range cooking. This hood has an easy-to-clean filter that laundry detergent can’t touch to prevent grease buildup, making cleaning up quick and painless. In addition, This push/pull type hood features LED bulbs that are eco-friendly with their high luminous lighting at night or during dimly lit events.

3. Leyso 36-Inch Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood

Meticulously crafted with 18-gauge stainless steel, the Leyso under cabinet range hood’s three speeds offer powerful food airflow to help control cooking smells and grease. Equipped with an impressive ventilation output at 800 CFM, these 36-inch range hoods will prove themselves reliable for any type of stovetop opportunity.

Reasonable size offers increased ease of placement without taking up too much valuable kitchen real estate below your counter. Designed with our signature touches to protect both you and your kitchen from unwanted odors or flavors: thick 1mm durable stainless steel forms a complete line of defense against every kind of culinary assault imaginable- not just smoky smells but also garlic cloves, onions, greasy foods, whatever!

With features such as noiselessness at 49 dB and adjustable high/low settings, it’s perfect for those who need some noise but not too much. It also includes features like easy disposal filters and hidden LED lights for countertop versatility. The automatic shut-offs and a 3-minute delayed timer for a perfect finish. A dishwasher-safe baffle filter will protect you from grease splatter and smoke so that your kitchen remains clean as pie!

With two years of limited warranty coverage to get it through its formative years before accumulating any serious damage. The 36-inch range hoods have ETL certification, so you know it was tested to power standards in accordance with regulatory authorities here in the US – this thing won’t quit on you during operation!

4. Broan-NuTone 413604 36-Inch Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood

Broan-NuTone’s 36-inch Range Hood (in stainless steel) improves ventilation and light over your stove. The hood insert features a non-ducted filtration system that removes smoke and odors.

It also has the ability to use incandescent lighting. The protected lamp lens, which can be used with 75W bulbs (bulb not included), provides excellent illumination for the cooktop. It is also easy to maintain, thanks to its replaceable charcoal filter.

The unit is non-ducted and does not allow for airflow to enter or exit the kitchen. It also provides a precise level of regulation to avoid grease buildup. It also comes with a 36-inch range hood insert.

You can rest assured that any excess vapor generated will be quickly and efficiently swept away using our 2-speed fan, lights, and rocker switches. This unit can cover all cooking needs, with a minimum of 18″ above the cooktop.

5. HisoHu 36 Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

The HisoHu 36-inch range hood is loaded with options. There are four different speeds to choose from, making everything from cooking pot fumes to refrigerator odors a breeze. It’s equipped with a powerful motor and has 780CFM of airflow, so your kitchen stays storm-ready all the time.

But its convenience doesn’t stop there: The upgraded intelligent chimney range hood filters do not just smoke or gas fumes but also unpleasant cooking odors for quieter operation than before. With up to 40dB of noise reduction, you can cook in peace while this powerful machine handles just about any odor that wafts through your window.

The HisoHu 36-inch range hood looks more like a luxury upgrade than an appliance for cooking. It has features that make it convenient, easy to use, and desirable for stylish, professional kitchens. The stainless steel construction with gesture sensing makes it more modern (and sophisticated).

With the infrared remote control, the range hood becomes more accessible, while 2 pieces of energy-saving LEDs with adjustable brightness ensure there is enough light in your kitchen when you cook. And if you need to leave earlier than expected while your food is cooking? No problem! Simply turn on the 1-15 minute delay shutdown function to finish cooking without any fuss before shutting off automatically, so there are no scorchings left behind.

6. IAMSII 36-inch built-in insert Range Hood

With a modern design and powerful airflow (900 CFM), this 36-inch range hood is the perfect way to complete your kitchen. The stainless steel build has an elegant appearance that won’t go out of style for a long time, and it comes with remote control, so you have the ability to keep the look sleek from anywhere in your house.

In addition, there are height adjustments so you can find just the right spot for it on your ceiling. The novel gesture sensing function gives you a whole new experience, never struggling to find or reach any buttons again! And if noise levels matter, then fears not! This 36-inch range hood can be set at 40 decibels on its lowest setting and only 65 dB max noise level; surely more than quiet enough.

Cook safely with the range hood’s energy-efficient LED lights operating at 3 watts, or adjust the brightness, so cooking is effortless for you and enjoyable for everyone else in the room. What makes this model even more impressive? The two permanent filters trap grease and oil! The user-friendly design also includes a patented easy access grease drawer for quick disposal of really messy stuff that falls into it during cleaning time. So, this is one of the best 36-inch range hoods you should try.

7. KOBE 36″ Range Hoods INX2936SQBF-500-1

Stop fighting with those greasy dishes and experience the power of a KOBE 36-inch Range Hood! This sleek stainless steel hood drapes over the top of your stove, emitting 550 CFM at max power. It can suck up anything small particles or large quantities where you need it to go.

The 3-speed mechanical push button is easy to use and has a bypass damper for use when cooking lighter items like eggs. The 600 pound-capacity offset tilting bracket allows you to aim your range’s exhaust directly down so as not to cook next door’s bacon and eggs harder than you wanted them to (they’re really good, right?).

Additionally, these 36-inch range hoods come complete with aluminum mesh filters and baffle filters, so your cooking area will not be reliant on just one type of filter! With two bright LED lights to get rid of any hint of darkness in your space, you can enjoy making dinner right alongside anyone else who happens to be living in the same house as you.

8. JOEAONZ 36 inch Island Range Hood

The 36-inch range hood is essential for a memorable cooking experience. This product is low in noise and high in power. It provides excellent ventilation through an adjustable chimney that’s located on the countertop at the center of the kitchen.

It can influence any environment with its 700 CFM airflow and 3-speed fan, and quiet motor. This ventilator will not only quickly and efficiently ventilate your entire kitchen, but it also produces 65 dB of sound at high speed to allow you to monitor and listen from anywhere in the house without disrupting anyone’s sleep during cooking.

The JOEAONZ 36-inch Range Hood is a premium and durable product that you can trust. With its elegant stainless steel finish, the design of the range hood will be sure to complement your high-end kitchen setup while still maintaining its durability for everyday use.

The best feature we love about this hood is the easy push-button controls with four bright LED lights to add extra lighting in your cooking area, so there’s never any need for backlighting when it’s dark outside or when you have an electric outage! Let us show you how much better these products are than everyone else by being highly efficient when it comes to grease filters, cost-saving just because they’re dishwasher friendly!

9. IKTCH 36-inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood

IKTCH 36-inch range hood is a must-have appliance for any modern kitchen. The modern and elegant design will blend seamlessly with your other stainless steel appliances, and the included remote control allows you to control it from across the room without having to constantly get up to make adjustments.

The built-in IKTCH controller can operate as a manual on/off switch or as a timer that cycles the unit on and off every 3 hours, which saves energy while still preventing cooking odors from escaping into your home.

With 900 CFM of powerful airflow that creatively adjusts air direction using two separate fans, these preset 36-inch range hoods do an excellent job at quickly extracting cooking smells so you can enjoy a fresh meal without any unpleasant aftertaste.

This premium 36-inch range hood is an efficient and low-noise vent. 2 bright LED lights can be adjusted in many ways for different light levels, saving energy while still providing enough illumination when you need it most.

Three stainless steel included filters are dishwasher safe and removable for easy cleanings of this model’s filters twice a year or more often if needed―plus, there are three filter slots available for additional filters of your preference. Quiet four levels offer just the right amount of suction power, too!

Buying Guide for Best 36-Inch Range Hood


Although you could get a powerful 36-inch range hood that can take off, it may not be worth the effort. Experts recommend that you choose a model that draws air towards the perimeter or edges of the hood rather than moving it across a large area. This not only makes the hood more efficient but also reduces the noise level. Before you take your hood home, make sure it is tested in the showroom.


Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is the unit of how much air a hood can move. CFM is the hood’s ability to clean your kitchen’s air quickly. Higher CFM ratings often mean louder operations. Most 36-inch range hoods have two or more fan speeds. This allows you to change the CFM according to your needs at all times.

Before you buy a 36-inch range hood, make sure to check with your municipality about the maximum CFM requirements. Some municipalities require that you install a makeup damper if your hood has a maximum CFM of 400 CFM. These dampers allow fresh air to flow into your home at a controlled rate to replace the exhaustion. Airtight homes are the norm for greener, more energy-efficient homes. Their airtight design makes it difficult to vent outside the bad air from the range hood. Bad air can’t be pushed out by hoods if there isn’t enough air to replace it.

Range Hood Mount Types

There are four main models you can choose from:

Chimney: Chimney-style 36-inch range hoods are very common and are the best option for homeowners who don’t have cabinets in their range.

Under-cabinet: This is the most popular and traditional option. They allow storage above the cooktop on either side of its main, vertical conduit. If desired, they can also be integrated with cabinetry.

Ceiling-mounted: This option is for minimalist design lovers and/or those who prefer an island cooking option. These 36-inch range hoods are ideal for open kitchen designs as they minimize visual obstructions between the kitchen area and the adjacent living spaces.

Wall-mounted: This hood is similar to an under-cabinet style, but it’s mounted to the wall instead of the cabinet. It’s popular in mid-century modern kitchen designs.

The Exhaust System

Ducted Range Hoods: A duct allows air and other irritants to be emitted from the house through a ducted model. Its installation is complex. You will need to drill vent holes in your wall that connect to the outside of your house. Ducted range hoods are the most effective range hoods to effectively remove irritants from the air and clean it.

Ductless: Ventless range hoods are also known as ductless. They filter out irritants from the air and use internal fans to recirculate them back into your kitchen. These range hoods can be installed more quickly than ducted ones because they are ductless.

Convertible: Convertible range hoods can be used as ductless units, but they are also compatible with the use of ducts. Convertible range hoods allow you to try out a ductless range. You can also convert it to a new ducted model for a fraction of the cost of replacing a ductless range hood.


The style and features you choose will affect the price. The price of the 36-inch range hoods will depend on their materials, power, size, as well as other special features such as an automatic shut-off, built-in lighting, and heat sensors.

Before you go to the store, do your research. Compare the price of the 36-inch range hood online to get an idea of the cost. You should also consider how much you will need to install it, as well as any other materials such as connectors or fittings that might not be included in the package.


While some 36-inch range hoods are more difficult to install than others, it is worth seeking professional assistance if you do not have the skills or knowledge. Don’t let this discourage you, as many hood fans can be installed yourself. For models that require multiple tools, including screws, it is best to hire an expert.


Many consumers are very important to have warranties. If the 36-inch range hoods you choose are not suitable for your needs, or if there are parts that are defective in the product, you can contact the manufacturer to have them fixed. Before you take any action, make sure to read the warranty terms.


Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern design or something more traditional to match your kitchen’s style, the best 36-inch range hood is an excellent choice. The width of this type of hood makes it perfect for covering all areas around your stove and working on either side without being too close to one another.

Plus, nine different options available in our roundup today will make picking out the right 36-inch range hood easy! Have you found any models that interest you? If so, let us know below how we can help make sure your next purchase goes smoothly!

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