12 Best Canned Clam Chowder (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Clam chowder is best when it’s homemade. But if you don’t have time to make a batch or live in an area where clams are hard to find, canned clam chowder is the next best thing!

We compiled 12 of the best canned clam chowder out there, and we think they’re worth trying for yourself. If you like them, be sure to share this article with your friends so they can try them too!

What is Canned Clam Chowder

Canned clam chowder is canned food. It is typically canned with milk or cream, potatoes, onions, celery, and clams (hence the name), with some added spices to make it even tastier, for example, bay leaves. It is prepared by heating the canned products.

It was first canned in the early 1900s and became popular during World War II. The soup is a New England regional dish that has become popular across North America.

It can be served as an appetizer or main course. It’s often used as a side dish to seafood dishes such as fried clams or fish & chips.

In contrast to other canned soups, which are usually canned with water only, canned clam chowders may also contain chicken broth or beef bouillon cubes.

Benefits of Canned Clam Chowder

Clam chowders are a popular canned food that has garnered much praise from many sources. Canned clam chowder is tasty, savory, and healthy. It can contain potatoes, canned clams, and canned fish, among other things. This canned food contains little fat but has plenty of vitamins and minerals to make the body healthy. Most people love this food because it is easy to prepare and has great taste. If you have not bought them before, then this paragraph will discuss some of their advantages.

  • Healthy: canned clams are high in protein and iron. The canned broth has a lot of calcium and potassium in it. It can provide many nutrients not found in fresh food. It contains canned spinach, canned tomatoes, and canned onions.
  • Very easy to prepare: It can be used in a variety of ways. Add canned chicken broth to canned vegetables or canned shrimp to make your own soup filled with nutrients that are lost when the vegetables are cooked. Cooking canned clam chowder does not take a lot of time since canned soup can be heated up in minutes.
  • Very affordable: It is the only type of canned food that stays fresh all year round. Another good thing about canned soup is that canned can be used as an ingredient in cooking, and it can make another meal for the family.
  • It does not take a lot of storage space: It takes up very little room; it can even fit inside cabinets with no problem, unlike fresh food, which usually has to go in the fridge or the freezer. Canned clam chowder does not need a lot of storage space and can be stored on the shelf easily without taking up too much room in your kitchen
  • Canned is very versatile: This soup has a variety of flavors, so you never have to worry about being bored with what you are eating since there are many canned varieties, some of which may not even know to exist. canned is available in many supermarkets and stores.

List of 12 Best Canned Clam Chowder Reviews

1. Campbell’s Condensed Manhattan Clam Chowder

Campbell’s Condensed Manhattan Clam Chowder is Campbell’s first New York-inspired soup. The clam flavor is pure and fresh and loaded with a hearty blend of celery, carrots, tomato puree and on the table before you know it.

For the latest in comfort food innovations this winter season – look no further than Condensed Manhattan Clam Chowder by Campbell. This tasty twist on an American classic will cure what ails ya during these cold months with its hearty vegetables that pair perfectly with succulent clams in cream sauce. There ain’t nothing better for warming your soul from head to toe!

Campbell’s Manhattan clam chowder comes in a convenient 10.75-ounce can that makes for easy storage and serving. The non-BPA lining on this soup container helps maintain flavor and freshness while also being safe for your family.

This canned clam chowder is a delicious broth-based soup that has been around for decades. This delicious soup is low in fat and cholesterol, and it also contains no artificial flavors or colors.

2. Bar Harbor Chowder, Manhattan Clam

Not every canned clam chowder can be considered restaurant quality, but Bar Harbor Chowder is just that. With the rich flavor and thickness that any seafood lover would appreciate, this soup will become a cold-weather favorite.

This product has been made using the finest natural ingredients and has been packaged with utmost care to ensure that it reaches you in its original freshness. Bar Harbor Manhattan Clam Chowder can be served hot or cold and tastes great when served with breadsticks. It is available in cans of 15 ounces each.

3. Bar Harbor New England Clam Chowder

Keep delicious soup on hand with Bar Harbor’s New England Clam Chowder. The convenient ready-to-serve option has an easy-open lid for convenience while still providing restaurant-quality with every bite.

Unique and flavorful, it’s the perfect addition to your menu whether formal or casual. Great for any occasion including family dinners, holiday gifts, church events, and more!

Bar Harbor Clam Chowder is a hearty soup made with all-natural ingredients. Made with clam broth, this soup has twice as many clams as potato and half the salt to create not just New England goodness but all-around shelter from an unpredictable climate.

4. Campbell’s Chunky Manhattan Clam Chowder

Campbell’s Chunky Manhattan Clam Chowder is the ultimate dinner party recipe. While it may be hard to find the ingredients for this soup in any other home, Campbell’s can provide its tomato-infused taste with a can of clam chowder. You don’t have to be too creative at your next gathering – throw everything into a pot and let Campbell’s take care of all of the flavors!

It has big pieces, so it satisfies any craving for delicious, filling, made-to-satisfy goodness. The ingredients in this soup are bold with heat to fill you up on the good stuff.

Campbell’s soup goes through rigorous testing to ensure the best quality all throughout each can or jar of diggity satisfying goodness, which is why it’s what people trust when they need something warm before a cold night even begins.

5. Progresso Rich & Hearty, New England Clam Chowder Soup

Progresso has been cooking up hearty, quality soup for over 150 years since its founding in the 1860s. Providing a family meal ritual and socializing opportunity, it’s no wonder this product became a household favorite.

Progresso soups are ready in minutes, so you can prepare sauces and soups with quality ingredients for all occasions-including the traditional New England clam chowder.

This hearty dish is packed with real chunks of fresh clams, potatoes, and creamy milk that will have your taste buds craving more. Rich and hearty soup has been carefully crafted by master chefs using wholesome ingredients.

This canned clam chowder is a gluten-free soup that comes in at under 100 calories per serving. Each container has roughly 2 servings per can, so take this soup to work today! With no artificial colors or flavors, Progresso’s Rich & Hearty Clam Chowder Soup still tastes like home-cooked chowders made with rich broth and tender chunks of clams.

6. Fishpeople Razor Clam Chowder Garnished with Uncured Bacon

Fishpeople Razor Clam Chowder will provide you with hearty, lucky-you morsels of succulent seafood. Our razor clams are hand-harvested from the beautiful beaches of Washington state by the Quinault Indian Nation – we love them too!

These pouches also come with bits of tasty bacon for a dash of extra deliciousness that will keep your taste buds tingling all day long. So when hunger strikes, reach out for this easy breakfast meal that is full of something special to satisfy any appetite.

You can enjoy it as is or use it in recipes as an added seafood component. We hope you give Fishpeople Chowder Garnished with Uncured Bacon garnish at try.

7. Clam Chowder – Sea Fare Pacific

Clam Chowder – Sea Fare Pacific is a delicious clam chowder made with clams that are wild-caught and sustainable. It’s a perfect blend of fresh veggies, red potatoes. This clam chowder has a rich, creamy texture with the right amount of saltiness to make it irresistible.

This gluten-free clam chowder has been handcrafted on the Oregon Coast since 1975. Packed with Omega-3, this premium clam chowder is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors. Enjoy this classic comfort food that will warm your soul.

8. Chincoteague Seafood New England Clam Chowder

What’s better than Chincoteague Seafood New England Clam Chowder? This all-natural, condensed, and easy-to-prepare dish is full of flavor. Ingredients are locally sourced, and the recipe has been passed down for generations. They give you the option to add which seafood you prefer for a custom taste. The authentic heritage flavors will have your mouth watering even before you have dinner tonight.

This chowder has a warm and flavorful taste that is not lacking from the sea. It’s simple, classic goodness with three ingredients: clams and clam broth with finely minced potatoes for a creamy, hearty soup. With its wheat flour thickening agent merged together with yeast and high-quality spices, this soup will be both filling and satisfying.

9. Tony’s Clam Chowder, 3X World Champion

Tony’s Clam Chowder has been a standout champion for more than 30 years. Each year, Tony works hard to produce the world’s best clam chowder made with quality ingredients, recipes handed down over generations, and lots of love. Whether you are looking for a quick buy or an investment in culinary finesse, Tony delivers.

The first serving will have your mouth watering before you even take a sip of this delectable symphony of flavor. You can find the award-winning recipes in just about every store in America today.

Share Tony’s Canned Clam Chowder with friends and family from a condensed 51oz can that yields nearly 3 quarts. Make every occasion special with this delicious seafood delicacy and create memories for generations to come.

10. The Black Pearl Clam Chowder New England Famous Condensed Soup

The Black Pearl Clam Chowder is a delicious dish that is made with clams, potatoes. This product has been on the market for more than 100 years. The soup comes in a can of 15 oz. It is an excellent meal to have when you are feeling hungry and want to eat something hot or cold.

This soup is made from all-natural fresh ingredients, and it has no preservatives or artificial flavors. The Black Pearl Canned Clam Chowder will bring back memories of your grandmother’s kitchen with its aroma of freshly baked bread and sweet cream buttery goodness.

11. LeGout New England Clam Chowder Condensed Canned Soup

LeGout’s New England clam chowder condensed canned soup mix offers exceptional versatility and convenience, providing the same comforting flavor as the fresh stuff without any of the mess.

These soup packages are ideal for individual households or can be used to make large batches in a catering setting. Add a little at a time as needed to your recipes, no matter how big or small they are, and you’ve got the perfect dish.

The clam chowder by LeGout is a high-quality, cost-efficient pantry staple that allows for easy, professional cooking in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. You’ll find that the flavor never disappoints on any dish you prepare it with. So stock up on long-shelf-life canned soups today while supplies last!

12. San Francisco Boudin Clam Chowder Soup -3 pack

For a taste of the bustling bay with its iconic seafood, there’s no better way to do it than in the form of fresh Fisherman’s Wharf Clam Chowder. This soup is made from traditional clam broth and smoked bacon mixed with veggies, potatoes, and cubed sourdough bread on the top.

Essentially this recipe was passed down through generations as an identity for San Francisco locals who wanted something that embodied their home city by fusing together the two most prominent assets: chowder and bread bowls.

If you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal, look no further. San Francisco Boudin Clam Chowder Soup fits the bill with high-quality ingredients, No MSG, and reduced Sodium, Fat, Carbohydrates. It’s an excellent combo of great taste and nutrition!

Buying Guide For Best Canned Clam Chowders

This section is for you, whether you are a novice or an expert in finding the best canned clam chowders. You will learn the basics and then be able to make an informed decision about which canned clam soup to use to spice up your winter days.


Clam chowder can have high-fat levels due to a large amount of cream and milk it contains. If you don’t have any heart problems, your cholesterol levels should be within 300 mg.

You should be aware of MSG, gluten, soy, and artificial flavor enhancers. Most New England chowders are made from soy.

Artificial flavors strip the chowder from its true origins. Chowders made with real celery, parsley, or herbs are best.

Quantity and Volume

Two of the most important factors to consider when buying canned clam soup are quantity and volume. This can be done by determining how many people you will need to feed and how many meals worth of chowder to have on hand.

You will need more cans to feed more people at once. A 12-pack of chowder, for example, would make 12 meals for two people. It would provide far fewer meals for a family with four people unless there were two or more of them who wanted to share.

Also, consider the package volume. Tony’s Clam Chowder, for example, is sold in a single can. It can be 51 ounces in weight, which means that you’ll get 102 ounces when the soup is prepared.

This allows you to feed many people at once. However, it is not suitable for a single-family household unless you enjoy leftovers.


Although ingredients and taste are identical, many companies promise things they can’t deliver. You need flavorful clam soup. Make sure you read all the ingredients and know what each class contains. You can also read customer reviews before you buy canned clam chowder from a company.

Condensed vs. Ready-To-Serve

Condensed soup needs to be prepared. Condensed soups tend to be thicker because most of the water has been removed from the formula. This gives the product longer shelf life.

Condensed soups can be made in larger quantities once they are prepared. They also don’t have to spoil easily. Some people believe that the downside to buying canned soup is the tedious preparation.

Ready-to-serve soup is exactly what its name implies. This means that you simply need to open the can and then serve the soup. It is up to you how hot you prefer the soup.

Because of the water content, these soups can spoil faster. They also serve fewer people than condensed soups because they don’t require water to make them. They are still much easier to prepare and more convenient than condensed soup.


As with all food products, the brand is a reliable indicator of product quality. Only purchase the finest clam chowder from the top clam chowder producers.

Only buy from established, well-respected brands with a long history of producing and selling clam soup products.


Where can I find canned clam chowder?

You can find canned clam chowder at most grocery stores. For canned clam chowder, check the canned seafood or canned pasta aisle. For canned Manhattan clam chowder, check the soup section of your local grocer.

Why do canned clams say they need to be drained before consuming them?

T canned clams like canned oysters, canned crab meat, and canned shrimp should be drained due to their high-fat content. Excessive amounts of fat can cause a negative effect on the taste of canned foods.

To reduce the amount of fat in canned food, you should drain off some or all of its liquid before serving. Oysters are at the top end of that spectrum with 15 grams or more fat per 3 ounces serving; for comparison, sweet corn has about 1 gram. The good news is that you can avoid this problem by purchasing low-fat canned seafood like squid and octopus where available!

Which brands make canned clam chowder?

There are many canned clam chowder brands on the market. Some canned food companies that produce this food are Progresso, Health Valley, and Pacific Foods of Oregon.


Canned clam chowder is a dish that can be enjoyed year-round and it’s not too difficult to make. There are many types out there, but the best recipe will always depend on your taste buds. It doesn’t matter if you like canned soup or canned tomatoes- we’ve got something for everyone!

We hope this blog post helped you understand what canned clam chowder is all about. Now go ahead and try one of these recipes for yourself so you can see just how delicious they really are!

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