15 Best Countertop Pizza Oven (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

For those of you who love pizza but don’t have the counter space for a traditional oven, countertop pizza ovens are perfect. They allow you to cook up delicious pizzas in minutes.

If you’re looking for the best countertop pizza oven on the market today, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our top 15 countertop models that will suit any budget and cooking style. Check out these awesome countertops below.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Countertop Pizza Oven


Easy to use: You can cook your pizza in less than 15 minutes with a countertop oven. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any professional knowledge to start cooking right away.

Space savers: Unlike standard ovens, countertop pizza ovens do not take too much kitchen space and can be easily moved to any other room in your house or apartment for convenience of use. You can even carry them with you when traveling so that you can enjoy hot tasty pizzas on the go!

Versatile: While you can cook any type of pizza in a countertop oven, they also allow you to prepare other dishes that need only one plate and take less time than an ordinary oven or stove would require.

Sleek design for modern kitchens: The best thing about the countertop ovens is that they do not have any protruding parts or elements that could ruin the look of your kitchen.

Budget-friendly and easy to maintain: Now you can cook tasty pizzas at home without spending too much money on buying an expensive oven or wasting time waiting for it to heat up enough for cooking! Countertop pizza ovens also do not require special attention or maintenance.

Lightweight and safe to use: You can easily move them around the kitchen or even take them with you when traveling without any inconvenience of their weight, size, portability, etcetera! Countertop pizza ovens are also not exposed to the risk of causing fire due to ceramic plates that produce no sparks, nor do they emit any oily fumes.

Durable and have a long lifespan: A countertop oven will definitely become the most used appliance in your kitchen due to its price, ease of use, compact size, etcetera! That is why it is important that you choose one that has an extended warranty period or comes with great reviews from other customers who already own it. The best countertop ovens are made of high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting!

Cook different types of pizzas: There is no need to buy a separate appliance for cooking other meals or snacks! Countertop pizza ovens allow you to bake, grill or toast hot tasty dishes that you can eat right away!


One of the main disadvantages is its size. Unlike a traditional oven, these countertop appliances are much smaller and therefore don’t allow pizzas to be cooked evenly or at certain times that you might want them done.

The other disadvantage is they do take up space in your kitchen which makes many people think twice about buying one. If this is something you are considering, make sure to measure the space in your kitchen beforehand.

List of 15 Best Countertop Pizza Oven Reviews

1. Wisco 421 Pizza Oven

  • The Wisco 421 Pizza oven does it all! With one push of a button, the digital LED display will set itself to 450°F for 10 minutes. You can then tune into our rotary dial and manually change the temperature at any time you like; do you need more or less?
  • This countertop pizza oven is made out of durable stainless steel with an exterior Cordura cover. It has four legs, which make leveling your oven super easy! The front door opens up 180 degrees so that loading things in couldn’t be easier.
  • Put on some tunes, cook some incredible dishes (and pizzas!), and impress friends and family with this awesome new appliance! Get even more creative by utilizing the rear timer function for anything else like bread. This is the best-rated countertop pizza oven at Amazon.

2. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

  • Introducing Camp Chef’s newest addition to countertop kitchen lineup: the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven. This countertop pizza oven brings the feel of a brick-oven pizza and artisan bakery right to your backyard with built-in preheating and baking capabilities.
  • With preheat time of just 15 minutes, the large cooking area reaches maximum temperature in 4 minutes, so you’ll never have to settle for cold pizza again. The stainless steel construction makes for easy cleanup, and the ventilated oven door has a handle for opening with gloved hands.
  • With stove-style heat using propane gas, this oven is sure to please any foodie in training. Plus, there’s a safety valve and temperature gauge, so you’ll never overcook again.
  • Whether it’s camping or tailgating this season, get your perfect artisanal pie that will be loved by any crowd gathered at a sporting event, or then finish everyone off with individual pizzas cooked in record time.

3. ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • The Gozney portable outdoor pizza oven, which is also used by professional pizza chefs, is a favorite among amateur and professional pizza makers. The oven can heat a pizza at blazing temperatures of more than 900 degrees in just 90 seconds. I love making Neapolitan-style pizzas and homemade pita bread with the Roccbox.
  • You can use it with either wood fuel or gas. It also comes with a pizza pan that you can use for rotating your pie as it cooks. This ensures an even baking result. The oven can hold a 12-inch pizza. It is also heatproof silicone covered, which prevents burns.
  • It also can be used on a picnic table, outdoor countertop, or even a car camping trip. There is some learning curve when using this oven, so I recommend starting with some frozen pizzas.

4. Ooni Karu 12 – Portable Wood-Fired and Gas Pizza Oven

  • Ooni Karu is the best brand for home pizza lovers. This outdoor countertop pizza oven is quick and easy to use.
  • The lack of heat is a major problem when making great pizza in a traditional oven. Heating can also be uneven in conventional ovens. This oven heats up in 15 minutes to more than 900 degrees F. Reviewers love the oven’s even cooking. It gave the crust a leopard-spotting look and took only 60 seconds to cook.
  • Ooni’s focus on design is also noteworthy. Although many of the models in this list look more like a toaster oven than Ooni’s, we love the sleek design of Ooni. This model is the ideal choice for summer parties. It is also lighter than the other models on this list, weighing in at around 20 pounds.
  • This oven is perfect for outdoor kitchens with its sleek stainless steel construction. While not completely weatherproof, you can still use it during light rain and sleet without any worries!

5. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

  • This model is affordable and offers unique functionality. This cool kitchen gadget rotates pizzas on a continuous loop. This versatile Amazon bestseller is great for making pizzas, nuggets, and cookies, as well as rolls.
  • This budget-friendly countertop pizza oven is ideal for making 12 inches homemade, frozen, take-n-bake, and deli pizzas. It boasts a 1235-watt motor, which actually reduces cooking time by half.
  • Once the oven is turned, the nonstick tray, which can be easily removed for cleaning, starts to rotate. This oven uses a dual heat source, one on each side of the oven. It cooks pizza and other foods to perfection.

6. Goplus Countertop Pizza Oven

  • This pizza oven is the perfect size and weight to handle. It has a large capacity that can accommodate up to 12-inch pizzas, it comes with temperature control for even baking every time, and its durable stainless steel design makes this product low maintenance.
  • The dual heating element with 360° air circulation and heat distribution ensures excellent heating performance. To ensure safety when removing a tray or rack from the Go Plus Countertop pizza oven, heatproof handles are included.
  • An auto-shutoff feature allows you to set the baking time, and it automatically shuts off when it is finished. The oven also has a removable crumb tray that is easy to clean.

7. Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Digital Toaster Oven

  • The Toshiba AC25CEWBS Digital Toaster Oven makes a great countertop pizza oven. This oven is not limited to baking pizza. It is ideal for all kinds of food. The oven has a large interior that can hold approximately 4 pounds of chicken. It can also accommodate a maximum pizza size (12 inches).
  • With 10 cooking settings, this product is multifunctional and can easily replace appliances. It offers a wide temperature range from 150 – 400 degrees F, so you are able to cook various food items with it.
  • The 1500 watt heating element in this model is solid and runs with every use. You can choose to increase the wattage by 1700 watts for even better cooking results. It also features a digital display that eliminates the guesswork and allows you to cook to perfection.

8. BakerStone O-AJLXX-O-000 Portable Gas Pizza Oven

  • BakerStone Countertop Pizza Ovens are so crazy hot; they bake a professional-grade pizza in just 2 minutes. The specialized 25,000 BTU burner system reaches over 800˚ F (426˚ C) for fast and even cooking of mouths-watering pizzas without drying them out or scorching the cheese.
  • Cook up to 3 dozen 12-inch rounds per hour with seriously flavorful results, can using a griddle accessory that allows you to cook delicious pancakes and bacon at the same time!
  • Available with convenient folding legs for room-saving portability. For safe transport and easy clean-ups, it includes an oven box AND firebox—just stack one on top of the other when not in use and snap close the latch lock.

9. Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven,

  • Mont Alpi Table Top Gas Pizza Oven is the next professional countertop pizza oven. You can now take this high-quality standard anywhere you go to your garden, camping, or special events. You only need a gas tank, and you are good to go. This model is sleek and elegant and can be mounted on any solid top surface, indoors or outdoors.
  • The sturdy exterior is made from stainless steel and features a tubular BTU burner that can reach 600F at its maximum temperature. The built-in temperature gauge allows you to monitor heat as the unit heats up. The unit comes with a pizza stone that will make your pizza crispy and delicious.
  • This unit has a simple cleaning process. You can remove the oil tray and ash with one screw. Then, simply clean the tray and place it back.
  • This model is a gas pizza oven made from stainless steel and can heat up to very high temperatures. It is best to use it outdoors rather than inside your RV. This is mainly for safety, but it allows you to enjoy the outdoors while making delicious traditional pizza.

10. Ooni 16 Koda, Silver

  • Ooni offers a wide range of pizza ovens that are highly efficient and have a strong focus on design. The 16 Koda model was designed to allow you to make 16-inch stone-baked pizzas at your home. It is the perfect alternative to traditional wood-fired pizza ovens.
  • Gas will be used to cook your pizzas, so make sure you have a 20-pound propane tank. Instant ignition makes cooking pizza easy. You just need to wait for your stone to heat up and the oven to turn on. The cordierite pizza stone will absorb all of the moisture in your pie while it cooks.
  • This oven can heat up to 950F in 20 minutes and will cook delicious pizzas in a matter of minutes. Waiting for the oven to heat up is the longest part of using this oven. Get a glass of wine, and you will find it worth it.
  • This countertop pizza oven can be used permanently at home, but its small size makes it ideal for camping, tailgating, and taking out in an RV. It is easy to assemble, equally simple to use, and makes a bold design statement. It’s our favorite of all the pizza ovens.

11. Tomlinson Fusion Deluxe 16″ Pizza and Snack Oven

  • This is a great choice for anyone looking for something simple and will perform the job without any issues. As countertop pizza ovens are concerned, this option is quite straightforward. The interior is 16 inches wide, so you can fit most pizzas. You can also squeeze in some larger pizzas depending on how big you want them to be.
  • Exterior dimensions measure approximately 30 inches by 25 by 13 inches. It is possible to make some adjustments in your kitchen, depending on how cluttered the countertops are with other appliances.
  • There are two types of trays available depending on what size the item you’re baking and your needs. You can cook pizzas no matter what temperature you choose. It heats up quickly and can continue to cook for a long time. It can even run for up to 10 hours without stopping!
  • This oven may not be right for you if you want to expand your food choices beyond pizza. The oven may not reach its maximum temperature and take longer to bake. This is an unusual fault.

12. Nemco (6205-240) 25″ Countertop Pizza Oven

  • This countertop pizza oven is the perfect addition to your restaurant or concession stand. It is a quality model that features durable construction and comes with a 60-minute timer. This oven can be used to cook pizzas, calzones, breadsticks, and more.
  • The temperature range is from 300 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you ultimate control over cooking time and the quality of the crust. Its sleek design looks great in any setting, while its durable construction will last for years to come.

13. Pizzarette Countertop Pizza Oven by TableTop Chefs

  • This countertop pizza oven by TableTop Chef Company is a stylish addition to your kitchen. Never go through the trouble of making homemade pizzas again with this innovative appliance that looks more like a fondue pot than an actual oven.
  • The Terracotta dome on the pizzette countertop oven contributes to exceptional pizza flavor. The small, lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport for use in different locations.
  • This model is a premium electric oven and comes with a dual heating element (top/bottom), which can cook in just 5 minutes. The heating element provides enough heat to aid, and it also includes a removable cooking sheet, which can be easily washed by hand.
  • The unique pizza oven gives your dining room a special look.

14. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

  • This Breville pizza oven is a great indoor option. The Breville Pizzaiolo countertop oven can reach cooking temperatures up to 750 degrees F. It replicates wood-fired pizzas.
  • This countertop oven uses innovative technology to combine the power of radiant heat, conductive heat, and convective warmth for an amazing cooking experience. It can cook 12″ pizzas in just two minutes.
  • The oven’s overall design is very cool. This oven is heat resistant and has a double-pane front window. It also features a heart chamber with multiple layers of insulation.
  • Breville’s Element IQ system, which creates smart heat and directs heat to bake better, is another great perk. This appliance is capable of making pizzas in a variety of formats, including New York, frozen, crispy, and wood-fired.

15. only fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

  • Only Fire offers a great way to make delicious pizza at home. It’s well worth the effort. These kits come in two versions: one for a charcoal grill and the other for a gas grill. What do you get with this package if you already have a gas barbecue at home and want to make pizzas even better?
  • The base measures 17 x 17.5″ and can be used in conjunction with an outdoor gas grill like a Weber or similar. Double-walled stainless steel chambers provide enhanced insulation and trap heat inside.
  • Cordierite is used to make the pizza stone. This porous material draws in excess fat and moisture so that your pizza has a crisp, golden crust.
  • Get ready to make delicious homemade pizza in minutes with this easy-to-assemble kit. No need for a standalone woodfired oven – you’ll be up and running as soon as your gas grill reaches the high temperature required!

How To Choose The Best Countertop Pizza Oven

The countertop pizza oven is a great solution for people who want to cook pizzas at home. It’s perfect for families with young children or busy professionals that don’t have time to wait in line at the local pizzeria. However, they come in all different shapes and sizes. The best way to find the one that’s right for you is by looking at these 10 things.


The size of the pizza oven is an important factor to look at when deciding on which one to buy. If you want something for personal use, it’s best if you go small and compact so that it doesn’t take up too much space. If you’re looking for a countertop pizza oven that can be used in a restaurant or at home, consider the size of your kitchen and how much room there is around where it will go.


The controls of the oven are also an important factor to consider. If you’re looking for a countertop pizza oven that can be used in your home, it should have easy-to-understand and easy-to-use combination controls so that you don’t have to spend much time figuring out how it works.

Convection Heating

One of the most important aspects you will want to consider when purchasing a countertop pizza oven is how it heats up. Ovens that use convection heating are typically preferred over other types because they heat more evenly and cook food faster. This enables you to make pizzas in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for half an hour or more. But whatever type works best for your budget and needs should be considered above all else.

Baking Accessories

Once you have a countertop pizza oven, the only thing left to do is get some accessories for it! There are several basic tools that will come in handy when baking. First of all, make sure your oven comes with a peel and paddle. Pizzas don’t always go on themselves perfectly – having these around makes life so much easier.

Depending on the type of oven you get, there are additional tools that will be useful. For example, if your countertop pizza oven has a stone floor and metal walls but no door to keep in the heat, an infrared thermometer is very handy for checking temperature without having to open up the oven.

Cleaning Ease

The best countertop pizza oven is the one that you can clean up easily. It’s important to wipe down your countertop appliances after each use, but it should be easy to do so! If necessary, make sure there are tools included with the appliance for cleaning purposes (e.g., a scraper if you get stuck-on bits or a brush for cleaning the inside of your oven).

The least amount of effort means that you will be more likely to use it! If possible, look for an appliance with removable pans so they can go in the dishwasher. Bonus points if there are parts that won’t get dirty at all (e.g., handles) that don’t need to be cleaned.


Your countertop oven isn’t going to be able to cook everything you make in the kitchen, but it should still help save time and energy. If possible, look for an appliance that can do multiple things (e.g., bake and broil). Depending on what type of countertop pizza oven you get, there are also certain accessories that will increase energy efficiency (e.g., a pizza stone).


If you are spending a decent amount of money on something, it should last for at least several years! Make sure the appliance comes with an extended warranty so that if anything goes wrong within the first few months or years, you can have it repaired.

Of course, this isn’t always possible – sometimes appliances break down after only a few uses. If this happens, make sure the warranty is easy to use! For example, if you have a small appliance with an internal part that breaks frequently (e.g., a heating element), it might be more convenient for parts to be easily replaceable than having to go through the manufacturer every time there’s trouble.

Make sure the warranty covers your countertop pizza oven for its entire lifespan, including normal wear and tear.

Indoor or Outdoor?

If you are looking for a countertop oven, the chances are that it is going to be used indoors. However, some models can also function outdoors! For example, if your countertop pizza oven has wheels and legs so that it can move around easily or come with its own stand. Keep in mind that not every appliance will work well when exposed to the elements.

Some ovens are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use, but others can function either way, depending on the situation! The best countertop pizza oven is one that offers a lot of flexibility in how it’s used and where its location is. Outdoor appliances should be made with materials that resist rusting (e.g., stainless steel or aluminum).

Type of Fuel

Different ovens run on different types of fuel. For example, some use gas while others require electricity, wood-fired to function. If you are going to be cooking a lot with your appliance, it might make the most sense for you to choose one that runs on a type of fuel that is readily available and affordable (e.g., propane vs. natural gas).

If you like to experiment and try new things, make sure there is a way for the appliance to be adapted (e.g., with an adapter) so that it can run on different types of fuel! Although not every oven will work well with all fuels, this feature might let you use your countertop pizza oven wherever you like.


After reviewing our list of the best countertop pizza ovens on the market, we hope you’ll be able to find a model that suits your cooking needs and budget. All 15 models have one thing in common–they’re great for making delicious pizzas.

Whether you prefer a gas or wood-fired countertop pizza oven, whether you want an indoor or outdoor design, there’s something for everyone here. If these options still don’t suit your style (or if they do!), then take some time to search around online because there are plenty more out there. The key is finding what works best for YOU.

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