14 Best Fire Pit Grill Grate 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

A fire pit grill grate is a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. The grate provides even heat distribution and high-quality construction that will not rust or burn through.  With this product, you can cook anything from seafood to steak with ease.

These grill grates are perfect for cooking up your favorite barbecue dishes in the great outdoors. If you love camping, tailgating, or grilling out on your deck at home – then the best fire pit grill grate will make all the difference when it comes to delicious food at every meal.

There are a lot of fire pit grill grates on the market, but not all of them are created equal. It is important to find one piece that will work well with your fire pit and provide safe cooking surfaces. In this article,  we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best fire pit grill grates that are perfect for any barbecue chef.

List of 14 Best Fire Pit Grill Grate Reviews

1. Sunnydaze X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grate

The Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit Cooking Grill is our top choice for a fire pit grill grate. It made from heavy-duty steel ensures structural integrity and wear resistance. Sunnydaze applied a heat-resistant paint finish to the grate. This enhances the wear resistance and minimizes the heat impact on the grill.

The fire pit grill grates can sometimes be difficult to maneuver especially when they heat up. This grill grate has built-in handles that will help you to hold the position. Grill mesh’s x shape is perfect for grilling meat and creating grill marks that are authentic to a cookout.

You can also find this fire pit grill grates in 6 sizes: 19 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 30′′, 37.5′′, 37.5′′, and 40′′. This means that no matter how small or large your fire pit is, this grill grate should fit perfectly.

Sunnydaze fire pit grill grates are made of steel and have a heat-resistant coating. However, some users have reported that the center of the grate has warped. To prevent damage to the structure of your firepit during long cookouts, it is a good idea.

2. Weber 7435 Cooking Grate

Weber’s cooking grate makes a great companion to your fire pit when you are trying to cook on it. The grate is strong and easy to use, ensuring a long-lasting experience.

You must be sure to properly structure your grate to create a round shape for your firepit. This will ensure a smooth cooking experience and easy clean-up.

This grate is made from plated steel, which guarantees its durability. It measures 21.5 inches in diameter and will fit perfectly into a Weber 22.5 inch cooking bowl. The 25 crossbars are there to make it easy to clean and provide ample space for cooking. Both sides have angled handles that allow for easy grip and hold.

Are you looking for a sturdy, well-made fire grate made by a reputable brand? This Weber grate might be the right one for you. This fire pit grill grate will make cooking in a fire pit more enjoyable and accessible. It is also very affordable, making it a worthwhile investment.

3. Sunnydaze X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate

This model is rectangular in shape and can be used to cook your favorite foods over a campfire. The unit is 40 inches long by 15 inches wide by 10 pounds and can be easily tagged along on camping trips.

This model is made of sturdy steel to last for many years. To add quality and durability, the manufacturer has coated this model in high-temperature heat-resistant paint.

It makes it much easier to clean the grill. Sunnydaze’s X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Grate has convenient handles that make it easy to place and take out the grill grate. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

4. Onlyfire X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Cooking Grate

The Onlyfire X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Cooking Grate is perfect for family gatherings. All of your meats can be grilled flawlessly at the center of the gathering. This grate’s expanded metal ensures years of faithful use with durable design; gentle handles won’t hurt you when moving this grate to burn some coals, wood, or brush up against it under the pit to get flareups.

Use this cooking grate and enjoy easy cleanup thanks to its high-quality, sturdy construction, which stands up to screws and stones alike, perfect spots for outdoor grilling!

5. RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate Over Open Fire

The RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate Over Open Fire makes cooking over an open fire easy with its portable design. With the foldable design, this grill will no longer take up space at home, so camping cooks can have more room in their car for other essentials.

The heavy-duty materials are rust-free to help prevent oxidation and corrosion, making them much easier to clean afterward. It is also made of durable steel, which is sure to last through countless campfires.

The best part about the campfire grill grate is that it’s super easy to set up–no tools required. And because of its portability, you can bring your favorite foods anywhere without taking up valuable storage space at home.

6. Onlyfire BBQ Solid Stainless Steel Rod Foldable Cooking Grates for Grill

An ideal replacement for charcoal or gas grills, the foldable cooking grate has so many barbecue functions. The stainless steel design is durable and won’t wear out like aluminum castings. With space for 36 inches in diameter of food, you will be able to prep dinners without having to wait between foods while these are cooking.

Maintaining your grill is easy with this product. Hinged in the center allows two halves to fold together, which makes it easier to add more charcoals or logs before cleaning embers off of the grate with a garden hose.

This stainless steel fire pit grill grate is perfect for camping and outdoor barbecuing. Make sure you check the dimensions of your grill first before ordering.

7. Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit

Texsport Fire Pit Grill Grate is perfect for cooking up a mouth-watering feast while exploring rugged backcountry campgrounds.

Adjust in four settings to accommodate both small and large pieces of meat while twin side arms swing out to protect foods from all directions. Solid stainless steel construction provides a strong base that will remain in place through grilling seasons.

And with its large 24 by 16-inch grilling surface, there’s plenty of room for smoking ribs, salmon fillets, and grilled corn, so everybody gets what they want.

Plus, experience three times faster grilling when you put this Texsport heavy duty fire pit grill grate where it can catch maximum airflow. Fun for serious barbecuers or beginning chefs, this is an indispensable addition to any kitchen gathering space.

8. Sunnydaze Adjustable Swivel Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate

This fire pit grill grate is the perfect size for cooking three-course meals. It is made of high-quality, durable steel with a black high-temperature paint finish so that this campfire grill grate will last through years of fun in the sun. It is easy to assemble and can be used on camping trips or at parks, but it is also great by your fire pit year-round.

With Sunnydaze’s model, you can be cooking at the campsite in no time. These grates will keep your meat and vegetables close to the fire to make sure they cook evenly and don’t dry out like on a regular campfire grate that’s rotated away from the coals. And with its swivel option for when your food is done, it’ll be easy to rotate when you’re not using it around the fire pit or grill area.

Let Sunnydaze take care of all of these problems so you can focus on enjoying your camping trip. With a worry-free 1-year manufacturer warranty, you can buy with certainty, knowing that their product will last for years.

9. Walden Fire Pit Grate Round Premium Heavy Duty Steel Grate

The Walden Fire Pit Grill Grate is made from high carbon steel and will help prolong your fires without the need for coals or ash that end up on the ground. The fire pit grill grate also gives optimal airflow to get a brighter, hotter flame which means fewer fine particles in the air around you. It comes with an ember catcher, keeping all of your wood off of the ground.

This is a durable, high-quality grate that’s built to last. It’s powder-coated for better finish and protection against rust, and the sustainable design prevents ash from contaminating your nearby area. Gain peace of mind knowing you can start fires in any condition.

It is easy to clean, too – simply rake out remaining ashes, scrub off excess carbon deposits if desired using a non-abrasive sponge.

10. Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill is perfect for all of your outdoor cooking needs, with a 16″ x 12″ grilling surface and heavy-duty welded steel construction. Whether you’re camping out in the great outdoors or firing up the grill at home, this durable accessory can make any meal taste like it’s straight off an open flame.

A handy folding design makes storage easy – simply fold the legs until they click so you can store it without worry about getting caught on something. You’ll never have to crawl around on your hands and knees again while trying not to catch yourself on fire from a competitively placed briquette ever again.

11. All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill

Whether you’re at home, out camping, or tailgating, the All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill can make your outdoor socializing grilling experience more fun. The grill is portable and folds open easily with a carrying handle for easy access to storage when not in use.

In an instant, you can whip up a quick spaghetti frittata, grill some chicken fingers, or heat your favorite dips for your guests at the next tailgate party. You can take it along to those out-of-town trips and have a great campfire meal without having to invest in a cumbersome grill setup.

On top of all this, you’ll never need to worry about restocking charcoal again because the stainless steel retains heat well, unlike other materials. The All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill is sturdy construction made of high-quality stainless steel that will last years outdoors.

12. Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill Heavy Duty Camping Cooking Grate Over Fire Pit

The Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill is a portable grilling tool for space-challenged campers and tailgaters. Durable, easy to put together and use, this fire pit grill grate may be just what your outdoor cooking needs. The heavy-duty steel wire mesh roasts perfectly over an open fire or inside when flash storms hit, built tough to rival anything mother nature has in store.

Safely fold it up afterward with the legs that come up automatically – holding that camping table safely out of harm’s way. You’ll have plenty of room again to store your food with no worries.

13. Stanbroil Heavy Duty X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grates

A lot can happen when you’re camping.  These Stanbroil Heavy Duty X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Grates are perfect for cooking over the open fire to create food with perfect grill marks. Once you have cooked your fish, steak, or veggies on these grates, they will never stick again.

With two solid steel handles that feature an easy-grip feature, this grate is easy to maneuver around the hot fire without getting hurt! With a high-temperature heat-resistant paint finish and sturdy metal construction, it is sure not to rust while providing years of service.

It’s even designed with an X Wire for stability. If it’s hearty, tasty meals you’re after, look no further than this reliable barbecue accessory.

14. VEVOR Rectangle Fire Pit Grate

Have you always wanted to create a new homemade dish for cooking on your fire pit? Well, with the fire pit grill grate, you will never have the need to go searching for another grill again. This convenient and durable product is made of heavy-duty steel and designed specifically for use in the outdoors.

With its large 44 x 15-inch cooking area and 25-pound weight capacity, this will allow for more people or a greater volume of food to become available as we progress into autumn. The rectangular design allows you to quickly add wood to maximize any of your campfires.

The VEVOR Rectangular Fire Pit Grate is a must-have for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking. Compared to other fire pit grates, it has a tighter grid design and “X-marks” that create seared edges on your food. The handles make it much more portable, and the grate allows you to sear meats, fish, kebabs, ribs, or even pizzas right above the fire.

Watch as your food cooks at its optimum temperature with maximum flavor release from fat and juices. It’s perfect for any occasion, from tailgating to family dinners under the stars.

Buying Guide for Best Fire Pit Grill Grate


Size can be a pretty subjective thing when it comes to buying a fire pit grill grate. No matter how the size is described, there will always be some people who think it’s too big and some who think it’s too small.

In an attempt to avoid this, many manufacturers have tried to come up with ways of rating their grates by dimensions. The most common solution is to measure the cooking grate itself and give it a measurement that can be compared to other grates based on how much you want to cook at once.


Quality is also hard to judge, and it’s up to your own discretion. If you want a grate that will last forever, you’re going to need to pay top dollar for it. On the other hand, if you know you’ll never actually use the grill more than once or twice a year, there really isn’t much point in buying something super expensive.

Types of Design

You have two options for grill grates for your fire pit: square or round. Most fire pits are round, so most people prefer the circular design. However, square-shaped grates have some advantages, such as being easy to transport and store and compatible with most DIY fire pits.

Consider whether you prefer the X mark type or the bar-type design. Before you choose a bar-type grate, make sure to consider the space between each bar. You should also keep in mind that food may fall through a grate with a large space between the bars.

The X-mark grill grate is on the other side. Your food will have a unique mark that prevents it from falling through, regardless of how thin or thick. This design, however, is not lined, as opposed to the bar-type grill grate.


As with anything else, the cost of grill grates for fire pits will vary greatly. You can find one for as low as $20 if you’re willing to buy something of poor quality. On the other hand, a top-notch grate could cost upwards of $100.


As you can see, there are a lot of different features that go into determining the best fire pit grill grate. The right one for your needs will depend on what you plan to cook and how often you will be using it. But we’ve narrowed down our list to these 14 products, which we believe represent some of the best options out there so far this year. We hope they help make your decision easier!

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