11 Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft Reviews in 2021

The downdraft system effectively removes all smoke from a gas cooktop. These are great if you don’t have a roof ventilation system. The gas cooktop with downdraft can be used for up to 15 years if they are maintained properly. Look for an option that offers more than natural gas.

We have listed 11 of the best gas cooktop with downdraft to help you narrow your search. Please scroll down to see them all!

List of 11 Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft Reviews

1. GE Profile 30″ Gas Downdraft Black Glass Top Stainless Steel Trim PGP9830SJSS

This beautiful black glass top model is the perfect starting point for our gas cooktop with downdraft reviews. There are three sizes of burners: one large, one small, and two medium-sized. The grates are about 2 inches from the glass and rest on the metal posts.

The model is versatile in its heating capabilities and cooks food evenly. It does have a higher number of customer complaints than the top two picks.

Sometimes, retailers deceive consumers into believing that the cooktop is stainless steel. In reality, it is made from black glass with stainless-steel trim.

A propane gas cooler top may be offered in place of a natural-gas downdraft cooktop. This would require a costly conversion. The 30-inch model might not be suitable for your cutout. The rectangular exhaust duct might need to be modified to fit around the ducting. This brings up its own set of challenges.

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2. Frigidaire RC30DG60PS 30″ Built-In Downdraft Cooktop

This gas cooktop with downdraft measures 30 inches in width and helps eliminate odors and smoke easily. Four sealed burners are included on the cooktop to make cooking faster and easier.

This product has a power-plus boiling function, which allows you to boil water quicker. It also offers a high heating power of 5,000, 12,000, and 17,000 BTU. This allows for different heat levels. Frigidaire’s cooktop features a pro-select feature that allows you to adjust the heating charge to your needs.

It is easy to move heavy pots from one burner onto the next. All you have to do is push to the desired area. It comes with a dishwasher filter, which makes it easy to clean. However, the product is quite expensive.

3. Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

This Bosch gas cooktop with downdraft is a simple product. The stainless steel surface is enclosed by continuous iron grates. These can be easily removed in three pieces to allow for easy cleaning.

You can use all 5 burners simultaneously because they are designed in such away. This can be done with any size or style of cookware. This makes it easy to use and allows you to cook faster.

It comes with five industrial-grade metal knobs, which is a departure from other cooktops. They can be used for many years before they need to be replaced.

Bosch NGM8655UC comes with a 12-month warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials during that time. You get a replacement or free repairs if a defect occurs within the warranty period.

4. KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30″ 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid doesn’t need to be introduced to many people. KitchenAid is a brand that conveys clear values through its products. It also has a loyal customer base to back these claims. One of their most popular cooktops is the KCGD500GSS. It competes with top-downdraft gas cooktops within its price range. It has a striking yet subtle appearance that emphasizes a functional design.

A 36-inch counterpart is also available with a 12,500 BTU burner. It can also be used with similarly rated burners to the 30″ gas cooktop with downdraft. The performance of both versions is comparable in terms of cooking and venting performance.

Gas cooktops come with a variety of burners that can be used for everything from low heat simmering to high heat searing and boiling. The professional 17,000 BTU professional burner on the left side of the gas cooktop is ideal for high-heat cooking. The left rear 15,000 BTU burner offers a second option for similar cooking methods.

Both the right front and rear burners can be used for low-heat and regular cooking, with respective 10,000 and 5,000 BTU ratings. Each of the four burners can be sealed to make it easy to clean up any spillages.

5. DCS CDV304N 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop – Downdraft

The DCS is a gas cooktop with dual flow burners. Only DCS Units can have them. This gas cooktop with downdraft gives the cooktop a heating power of approximately 15,000 BTU. The front-left burner provides heating power, which allows for fast and efficient cooking. However, if you wish to simmer sauces, all burners can do this at 3,000BTU.

The sealed burners are placed on an enclosed surface to aid in the cooking process. The sleek design and stainless finish allow you to clean the cooking surfaces quickly and easily.

Grates are designed for deep coverage and can slide easily between larger pans and pots. The grates are portable and can be used in almost every kitchen.

These all contribute to a pleasant and outstanding appearance. The dials were specifically designed to give you complete control.

The metal dials allow you to check and measure the temperature of your cooktop. The unit also has an auto-ignite feature. It can also be used to rekindle itself if flames go out or peradventure water comes in contact.

6. FRIGIDAIRE FPGC3077RS Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop

Next is a product that is both durable and elegant. Frigidaire Professional Stainless Steel 5-Burner makes life easier by reducing cooking time and increasing efficiency. Enjoy the ease of cooking with its many bells and whistles!

Let’s start by mentioning the different cooking power of each burner. The center burner is capable of cooking 18,200 BTU, while the two other burners can cook at 9500 BTU. You can cook food at different temperatures with each of the five burners because their capacity is different.

This stainless steel gas cooktop with downdraft can also be used to boil food or make perfect meatballs. You could melt chocolate without letting the sides get too hot. These 9500 BTU burners can be used to grill meat or make burgers.

A wide iron grate and an automatic reignition system are also available. The gas will not stop burning after your food has been cooked thoroughly and the stove is turned off. The continuous grates allow for easy movement of pans and pots. They can be moved without being picked up.

The device’s functionality and energy efficiency are excellent. However, we have some concerns about the body. Although it is strong and won’t break apart, scratches can still form. It is best to avoid sharp objects.

7. Empava 30″ Gas Stove Cooktop

This gas cooktop is attractive and modern. It can transform your kitchen at a very affordable price. Go for it if you have a tight budget.

The model includes five burners: a 2-semi-electric stove with 5971 BTU, rapid 102236 BTU, and a triple burner circle with 11942. An auxiliary burner with 3412 BTU is also included. This is the average capacity for home use. It is not as powerful as the… model, but it will save you money if you use it at home.

The central design of all burners means that the most powerful burners will be located in the middle of cooktops that have more space. This seems to be a sensible design because stir-frying requires the highest power pan.

This model is ideal for those who are concerned about safety when selecting a gas cooktop with downdraft. This product features a thermocouple automatic protection shut-off technology by Empava. It detects gas leakage and will turn the burner off.

8. Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop

This stovetop is made in the USA and comes with a 2-year US-based Manufacturer Warranty.

LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) has the exact same maximum power as natural gas and natural gas stovetops with downdraft. It can also be used manually without electricity. Multipurpose: Can be used for RVs, small kitchens, mobile homes, and other outdoor uses. It can be installed over any Empava 24/30 inch. Single wall mount that is under-counter.

The 36-inch gas cooktop with downdraft from Empava features the latest fire safety thermocouples and auto-shutoff security technology that prevents gas flow. This will keep your family and house safe.

Sealed burners ensure that food doesn’t fall to the bottom and require minimal clean-up. You will have a reliable cooktop for many years thanks to the stain- and heat discoloration-resistant stainlesssteel.

To maintain the outstanding look of the cast-iron grates and durable knobs, you can wash them in the dishwasher.

9. KitchenAid KCGD506GSS 36 5 Burner Downdraft Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The 5000 BTU Even-Heat(TM) Simmer Burner can be used to control the temperature of melting or simmering. However, the cooktop can also produce 17000 BTU, which allows for various cooking techniques.

You can use larger pots with the addition of the fifth burner than you would with a 4-burner stovetop. The burners are covered in continuous cast-iron grates that are easy to clean. Additionally, the stainless-steel surface has been sunken below the counter to prevent spillover.

The KCGD506GSS, like other KitchenAid downdraft cooktops, is compatible with KitchenAid’s duct-free conversion kit. This is also sold separately. The cooktop can be placed almost anywhere in your kitchen because it filters and recirculates the air without the need for ductwork.

10. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36 – Inch

Most gas cooktops come standard with either four or five burners. This is a standard feature for most gas cooktops. The Thorkitchen gas cooktop with downdraft has six burners, which is not the case. It has many other great features.

It has six different size burners, which gives it a lot of flexibility. The back burners are the same size. The middle burner, which is located on the front row of burners, is the smallest. It is flanked by two larger burners. Thorkitchen’s gas cooktop is ideal for large homes that cook for many people.

A cooktop with many burners can be an extremely valuable asset. They also have their faults. A cooktop with six burners will be overcrowded, especially if you are cooking many things. The Thorkitchen gas cooktop has limited space between the burners on the back row.

The front row of burners looks great, with one small burner and two larger ones. The back row, however, is not as well set up and can pose problems. Because there is not enough space between the burners, Thorkitchen’s gas cooktop can be difficult to clean.

11. Frigidaire RC36DG60PS 36″ Built In Downdraft Gas Cooktop

A gas cooktop with a built-in downdraft is more powerful, reliable, and advanced than any other gas cooktop. These cooktops are expensive because of this. The cost of these products is not so significant if you understand the value they provide.

The Frigidaire RC36DG60PS 36-inch gas stove has an inbuilt downdraft. You can be confident that it will provide a pleasant cooking experience because it is larger and more powerful. It also features simple-to-use controls that make it easy to use.

It also has continuous grates that allow for the easy movement of heavy cooking pots between burners. This means that you won’t have to lift the pot and can simply push it where you want. This will save you time and increase your cooking efficiency.

Cast iron is also used to make the cooking grates. It is durable and strong. They will still be useful after many months of usage. The cooktop’s stainless steel finish is rust-resistant. This protects the cooktop against possible rust corrosion.

How To Choose the Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft

Easy to Clean

You only need to find a downdraft gas cooktop that is easy to clean and maintain. The filter on this product needs to be changed at least once every six to twelve months. This filter can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed with clean water. It is important to dry the filter before you return it to your stovetop. You don’t have to spend too much time cleaning the gas cooktop with downdraft.

Controls & Safety

Gas burners can be controlled using dials or knobs. Stainless steel is the most durable and most susceptible to being damaged, while plastic is the least likely to get burned. Gas cooktops with downdraft can be dangerous due to open fire. However, most versions have built-in security features such as push-turn knobs that prevent you from accidentally changing the temperature of your burner after cooking.

LED lighting can also be used to show that the burner is on, even if it is not. It also adds a contemporary, modern feel to your cooktop and may become a feature in your kitchen.

BTU Range

Cooktops that have a large BTU range are ideal if you plan to cook many different foods at different temperatures. The ideal range is between 1200 and 17000 watts in BTUs.


Glass, ceramic, and stainless steel cooktops look great on countertops and enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The gas cooktops with downdraft can be difficult to fit in small spaces. Take measurements of the cooktop to determine if it will fit on your countertop.


There are two sizes of cooktops: 30 inches and 36 inches. Although 36-inch cooktops are less common, they can still be found. The size of the cooktop often determines the number of burners and heating elements. To determine the best size cooktop for them, users should consider their needs and the number of elements.

Both sizes of the downdraft venting system are equally efficient. If you are still unsure about purchasing downdraft cookware, you might consider a small-sized electric cooktop. These can be moved around your kitchen and allow you to control where the fumes are to go.

Burner Type

The type of burner is just as important as how many burners you have on your cooktop. Decide whether you want a sealed burner or an unsealed one. Sealing burners are better because they are less likely to leak or spill and easier to clean. Sealed burners also have a better heat distribution than unsealed ones.


It is important to choose a gas cooktop with downdraft that will last a lifetime. You should be able to enjoy the benefits of your investment before it starts needing repairs. Your cooktop’s quality will determine how long it lasts. You should also research the brand to make sure they offer proper maintenance support.


We’ve compared many factors and features to determine the best gas cooktops that have downdraft. This article should have helped you find the right cooktop for your kitchen.

Be selective and use the buying guide to find the best gas cooktop with downdraft. A perfect cooktop will make cooking easy and perfect.

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