10 Best Island Range Hood 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

If you are looking for the best island range hood?

We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best island range hoods on the market today. These are all high-quality, well-reviewed products that will suit your needs and budget. You can find out which one is right for you by reading our reviews below!

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start with buying a new product. That’s why we created this buyer’s guide – it has everything you need to know about what features you should look for in an island range hood and how much they cost. It also includes some helpful tips on installation and cares instructions if you decide to buy one.

What Is An Island Range Hood?

Island range hoods are designed to offer better ventilation than traditional exhaust fans, as they suck air from multiple directions rather than just one. They also work more efficiently because they channel all the grease-filled air away from living spaces like your bedroom or family room, where you spend time with your loved ones. And if it’s not enough that these range hoods do all this, then consider that they come in a variety of styles and colors so you can find one that blends seamlessly with whatever look you want for your kitchen.

Benefits of Using Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are not only stylish but also offer numerous benefits that you may have never previously considered. They are popular because they provide a sleek, modern design to an otherwise traditional kitchen space. The following list details the top benefits of island range hoods:

Efficient Ventilation: Island range hoods offer efficient ventilation by having a larger fan and a more powerful blower motor. This means that they can suck up smoke, grease, and odors in an instant.

Greater Cooking Area: With island range hoods, you get the benefit of more functional space in your kitchen because they are designed to accommodate a wider cooking area than typical wall mount or ceiling range hoods. The extra room makes it easy when preparing large meals for friends and family gatherings alike.

Increased Work Space: When preparing food, having an island range hood provides more workspace. This comes in handy when you need to make use of multiple burners or want to keep your favorite pots and pans close by while cooking. The extra elbow room also ensures that the cooking area remains free from clutter.

Personalized Touch: Island range hoods provide a great personalized touch to any kitchen because you can choose the color and design that best fits your style. They are also offered in a variety of sizes which means it is easy to find one that will fit perfectly into the space available on your countertop or overhang.

List of 10 Best Island Range Hood Reviews

1. IKTCH 36 inches Island Mount Range Hood

Tasks like cooking and annoying someone next to you with the smell of your midnight snacking can cause a lot of smoke and odor to enter your home. You’ll need more powerful island range hoods than what most houses come with for this!

IKTCH 36 inches Island Range Hood is designed for serious power users, coming equipped with 900 CFM range hoods as well as dual motors and balancing fans that will help those tough-to-deal-with odors escape from those tough-to-deal-with kitchen vents. With two settings, high or low, there’s no reason not to have an effective exhaust system in your soon-to-be dream kitchen!

The IKTCH island range hood, which creates a modern and stylish look in your kitchen. With a stainless steel body that’s only 1mm thick, you don’t have to worry about an obtrusive design taking up any space above your stovetop.

The 6″ exhaust vent on top facilitates powerful ventilation with no need for an exterior opening or installation into the wall. Setting it to one of four speeds is as simple as a push of a button thanks to our gesture sensing and touch control switch panels which allow you to set cooking timers at different intervals from 1-15 minutes, so there’s never smoke; accumulating buildup in your home again!

Safety and efficiency is the name of the game with this design; we pride ourselves on how quiet and energy-efficient our IKTCH island range hood gets. You’ll never notice a difference working in your kitchen with this soundless, bright LED lighting.

It’s made of premium stainless steel fitted with baffles to make it easy to clean–just place it in the dishwasher; not only will you save money but also time! We offer 10 years of technical support on the motor and 5 years on switch control and lamps. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

2. Cosmo COS-63ISS90 Island Range 3-Speed Fan

The Cosmo COS-63ISS90 is a great option if you are looking for an island range Hood with remote control. It is a powerful 760 CFM range hood that features three fan speeds and is made from commercial-grade 430 stainless. This hood’s minimalist design was a big hit with reviewers. It fits in well with a wide range of kitchen decors, including traditional and modern.

These ARC FLOW permanent filters are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable. You don’t have to change them every now and again. All you need is to pop them in the dishwasher to maintain them.

These filters are effective at trapping grease and reducing contaminants. If you wish to make the hood recirculating, a carbon filter kit can be purchased from the manufacturer.

The Cosmo COS63ISS90 island range hood has dual-sided touch controls that make it easy to use and an auto-shutoff feature. The remote control allows you to easily control all functions from any area of your kitchen. High-efficiency LED lighting also illuminates the cooking area below.

It can be used at three fan speeds to best suit your cooking preferences. This is one of few best island range hoods that we tested and comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure trouble-free operation.

3. AKDY Island Mount Range Hood

When choosing fixtures like range hoods, there is one thing you must remember. The island range hoods must be designed to match the kitchen’s style. It’s impossible to have a modern kitchen with a range hood that looks old-fashioned. This is it. This range hood is made of black stainless steel. It has a modern look. This range hood will fit in any kitchen with a lot of steel or glass. It has no smooth curves and is very angular. It is stunning.

You can choose from a 30-inch or 36-inch version. Let’s now discuss the specifications. The island range hood can remove up to 343 cubic feet (CFM) of steam per minute. This is a lot of steam that can be cleared per minute. You can adjust the speed to suit your needs if you feel that the maximum speed is too high. After a while, all that grease and smoke can cause damage to the filters. These can be removed and thrown in the dishwasher. This is a stress-free way to do it.

These island range hoods are quieter than most models, and noise levels are below 60dB at maximum load. The LCD display can also be used as a clock. Touch controls are used to control the fan speed and lights. These are standard features on hoods.

This is a great deal, especially considering the price. You get a 3-year limited warranty.

4. Cosmo 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood

Cosmo brushed stainless-steel range hood has precise controls that can be used to control power, lights, fan speed, and fan speed. Cosmo 668ICS750 30″ Island Range Hood customers are impressed with its efficiency and impeccable performance. It is very flexible and easy to use.

Modern European Design makes the mount rangehood the perfect fit for modern kitchens that pay special attention to interior aesthetics. Why not? You might want to make your time in the kitchen worthwhile.

This model is quiet and keeps noise levels to a minimum of 65 dB. The powerful LED lights that hang above your stove on the lower plane of the Cosmo 668ICS750 island range hood increase the brightness of your counter. Its powerful suction of 380 cubic yards per minute flushes out any steam and odors in your kitchen in just minutes.

5. CAVALIERE 30″ Island Range Hood

Cavalier 30 Inch Island Range Hoods are the most popular range hoods. This model adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen while providing superior ventilation. It has six speeds that are easy to use.

It is touch-sensitive, so it is easy to use. Two different light bulbs are included to illuminate your kitchen area. The stainless steel baffle filter keeps your kitchen clean and free from odors and smoke. The hood also has spaces between the filter grill that allow you to collect grease and reduce the chance of fire bursting within the ductwork.

The 900 CFM helps to remove pollutants from the kitchen. It is also made of non-magnetic stainless steel that is resistant to rust. The single-chamber centrifugal blower reduces noise levels by 32db at low speeds and 72db when they are at their highest. This island range hood can be easily cleaned and maintained with the dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filter.

6. FIREGAS Island Range Hood

Firegas island range hood comes with a CFM rating of 450. This is enough power to last you a long time. The chimney is included in the hood. It is made from 20-gauge brushed stainless steel.

These island range hoods measure 36 inches. Baffle filters are used to capture grease particles, even the most stubborn.

This hood has a powerful performance level at 450 CFM. However, it is very quiet and makes almost no noise. The exhaust fan’s 3-speed operation is extremely quiet and can make only 57 Db noise at high speeds.

The stainless steel is high quality and resistant to corrosion. It also has a longer life expectancy. This island range hood is a standard size and will fit most kitchens.

7. Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood

Our next choice offers a flow rate at 400 CFM. You can choose from high or low fan speeds. Winflo island range hood is possible to adjust the flow rate.

You can adjust the flow rate to reduce energy consumption. You can also adjust the suction power to make it easier for you to cook. It is undoubtedly superior to other island range hoods. A rocker switch controls the fan speed as well as the light mechanism. It is therefore easy to control both.

The aluminum mesh filters are excellent. It is lightweight and strong. You also get a sound shield. It muffles all noise. It makes it easier to work in the kitchen. High structural integrity is achieved by stainless steel construction. The filter does not have to be worried about any other problems.

The illumination is superb thanks to the 4 wide LED lights. The maximum noise level is 65 dB. The noise level is generally much lower. The design is adjustable. Telescopic chimneys can be installed on ceilings up to 8 feet high and 9 feet wide. Installation is easy because of this.

You will also receive flexible ductwork and mounting hardware to make installation even easier. Also included are detailed instructions. The installation is straightforward. This is why you should not overlook this option when searching for an island range hood with high flow rates.

8. ZLINE 36″ Convertible Vent Island Mount Range Hood

This island range hood is ideal for kitchen ventilation. It offers durability, performance, and a fashionable look. These features are not uncommon in kitchen appliances, but they are often attractive.

Multi-speed fan control allows you to choose the airflow that best suits your cooking needs. The maximum 760 CFM airflow can blow steam and odor much faster than you might think. If this is too loud for you, you can reduce the speed to get quieter and more consistent ventilation.

Stainless steel is the best quality material for durability and cleaning ease for island range hoods. The baffle filter system makes stainless steel stand out in its construction. Baffle filters effectively separate grease and air. They are easy to clean with a dishwasher.

The Zline professional motor is designed for greater airflow, longer fume extraction service, and quieter operation.

9. Empava 36″ Island Range Hood

Empava island range hoods are the epitome of stylish sophistication and superior product design. Using only the highest-quality materials, Empava provides powerful ventilation for your kitchen with up to 400 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). You can rely on Empava’s durable 18-gauge stainless steel construction, which is also resistant to corrosion and rust.

This range hood enables you to cook without worrying about excessive smoke or odors ruining your dishes. The 3-speed fan allows you to find the perfect fit for any cooking situation. A fully-sealed aluminum motor keeps noise down during operation while offering incredible durability performance that lasts year after year in some of this world’s busiest kitchens around the world!

Fit for your kitchen, the 36″ Island Range Hood is easy to clean and offers a clear view of what’s going on in the cooktop. The large width makes it easier to collect all those food particles before they finish their work on your oven.

The stainless-steel material resists fingerprints, cross-contaminating smears, and scratches—making cleaning a breeze without ruining its premium look. Deliver excellent lighting with 4x energy-efficient LEDs that last for years from below the hood, increasing visibility at night or whenever tasks need clearer focus.

10. Tieasy 36 inch Island Range Hood

The Tieasy Island Range Hood is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The stainless steel and tempered glass give this range hood a modern. This kitchen exhaust fan brings fresh air into your kitchen while also removing smoky smells. With an adjustable chimney that can be adjusted up to 9.5 feet high, this island range hood will work in fit almost any installation. The 6-inch ducting kit provides an easy way to vent outdoors or into an interior wall sleeve without compromising the cleanliness of the cooking space.

A powerful yet ultra-quiet motor provides up to 700 CFM of airflow to replace smoky odors in your beautiful new kitchen area with less than 65db at high speed for a pleasant cooking time.

Its high quality, 430-grade brushed stainless steel frame and tempered glass offer durability that guarantees many years of use without breaking down your wallet. This island vent hood comes with 4 bright led lights which illuminate any dark corners in your kitchen with its sleek design featuring 2 removable filters to ensure an airtight system; making this product one you’ll never regret buying!

Its push-button panel control makes this item even more convenient for anyone to save time by not scrambling through long instruction manuals. And this island range hood is amazing 5-year limited parts warranty will reward you with peace of mind knowing there are always reliable warranties on the market like these.

Buying Guide for Best Island Range Hood

Finding a new island range hood can be a difficult process. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, buying an island range hood doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. You just need the right information and some patience. The following steps will tell you everything you need in order to find the perfect match for your home without wasting time or money on something you don’t like.


Island range hoods are an essential part of any kitchen, but it’s important to know the CFM capacity so you can figure out what size range will fit your needs. A higher number means cleaner air and easier cleaning.

Exhaust Style

In history, people have never thought so much about island range hood vents. There are many vent options that simplify the installation and exhaustion of smoke from your kitchen.

Some modern designs that remove smoke and other odors in the kitchen work well with woodwork. Other designs, while more complicated, are better suited to becoming the true masterpieces of the future.

An island range hood exhaust style for island ranges must not only remove smoke or other odors from your kitchen but also look great.

The exhaustion style should be matched with the interior cabinets, the make and model of the range, and any other kitchen appliances.

The copper exhaust style is a popular choice for modern homes. Do not be constrained by the exhaust style. This exhaust style allows you to use all of your creativity. This and all exhaust styles are important. The exhaust vent should be at a minimum of 6 inches higher than the stove.


All island range hoods come with some form of lighting. Modern island hoods almost all have energy-efficient LED lighting installed. These LEDs can run from 1.5-watt to 2 watts.

A common complaint from homeowners is that their kitchen lighting is too dim or weak. The color of the LEDs can also make a big difference in the kitchen.

Some homeowners may be driven crazy if the range hood emits a sci-fi color. If you are concerned about the lighting, I recommend that you read customer reviews to verify the color and brightness of the LEDs.

Noise Level

CFM is a key factor in the noise level of an island range hood. CFM is a measure of how loud your hood will be. You are faced with a dilemma: Do you want a quieter, less powerful hood or one that is louder, more powerful?

Your island range hoods’ noise level will also depend on the location of the blower and the size of the hood. There are three types of blowers available: an external, inline, or local blower.

Local blowers can be found inside the hood. Inline blowers can be found inside the ductwork. External blowers can be found outside or on a roof. External and inline blowers are located farther away than your range hood, and therefore quieter than local blowers.


As the fan drives its function, it is an important component of the island range hood. There will be 3-4 fans on different models. It is possible for vents to be 6-8 inches in diameter. These details may not be important if you’re an average cook who is just cooking for your family.

However, they could increase the cost of the meal. It’s okay not to get too attached to it. It might be worth looking into something more powerful if you have heavy-duty cooking plans or frequent cooks.


Filters are required to be cleaned periodically on both ductless and ducted island range hoods. You will see a cleaner kitchen appliance and a less frequent cleaning. You will still need to wash and scrub your dishes, but you can throw them in the dishwasher. A range hood that has an integrated dishwasher is worth looking out for.


This list only includes the following sizes: 30 inches and 36 inches. You will need many other sizes, but these are the most popular. You will need to evaluate your stovetop before deciding on the size of island range hood. The stovetop should not be larger than the size you select, but at most the same size. I don’t recommend this.

Island Range Hood Installation


When it comes to your kitchen, there are many decisions that need to be made. One of the most important is what island range hood will work best with your particular needs and space limitations? There’s no right or wrong answer here – just ask yourself these questions when you’re choosing an island range hood so you can make the decision that’s best for you! We hope this article has helped narrow down some options, and we would love it if you let us know which one worked out in the end by leaving a comment below. Happy cooking!

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