15 Best Magnetic Spice Racks Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

Spices can really help to enhance the flavor of your cooking, but finding them when you need them is another thing. The solution? A magnetic spice rack! This way, they’ll always be in reach and easy to find so that you don’t have to spend extra time digging through drawers or pantries. Plus, it keeps your spices fresh for longer by preventing exposure to light and heat while reducing odor transfer between different spices.

The best magnetic spice rack is a great way to organize your spices. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose which one will work best for you.  A few key features of this particular model are that it holds up to 18 jars and has an adjustable height for different size jars. It also attaches securely with strong magnets that won’t damage your cabinets or walls.

This particular rack has many positive reviews from previous customers, who say they like how easy it was to install and how well-made it is.  The only downside some people mention is its weight; however, most racks would weigh more than this one based on the number of jars they hold (typically around 10 lbs).

However, magnetic spice racks will help you save space and allow you to easily locate what spices you need when they are needed without having to dig through a large collection of bottles all over your countertop or cabinet! I have compiled 10 of my favorite best magnetic spice racks here for your convenience. Happy cooking!

List of 15 Best Magnetic Spice Rack Reviews

1. Thipoten Magnetic Spice Rack

Sometimes you just need that extra space to store your spices. The innovative magnetic spice rack will ensure that there is no more clutter or countertop storage required for your seasoning needs. It’s easy to attach the rack anywhere, including ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, and barbecues. You can even hang cans of onion soup mix on it!

With this sturdy plastic spice holder hanging off the side of your stove it’ll be impossible not to grab what you need when cooking up a gourmet dish. This handy little kitchen helper also comes with two attractive recipe clips for displaying favorite culinary recipes alongside the magnet-dangling shelves!

Thipoten’s Magnetic Shelf is perfect for both amateur and professional cooks. The rack comes with a strong magnet on the back, which keeps everything in place and prevents it from budging when bumped. With its sleek, simple design and superb craftsmanship, the rack fits nicely in any kitchen. Additionally, the rack comes with two removable hooks that are perfect for holding scissors, measuring cups/spoons, oven mitts, keys, sunglasses – anything you need to keep within easy reach while cooking.

2. Hoopoton Magnetic Shelf

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional way to store your spices, look no further than the Hoopoton Magnetic Spice Rack. This rack is made of high-quality steel and features super-strong magnets on the back, making it easy to attach to the side of your refrigerator or another iron surface.

The black matte finish ensures that it will fit in perfectly with your kitchen decor. And best of all, there’s no drilling or assembly required – the magnet is incredibly strong and can hold up to 5 pounds.

This rack is easy to use and can be mounted anywhere, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to save cabinet space. The quality construction means you can trust this rack to last, and the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you’re fully satisfied with your purchase.

3. MILIJIA 4 Tier Magnetic Shelf

The MILIJIA 4 Tier Magnetic Spice Rack is a handy practical organizational container for spices and similar products. Not only can it be used to store your favorite seasonings but the magnetic design makes it easy to access as well!

The durable chrome surface ensures that this product will last for years of use while preventing rust from forming or from food from adhering. This rack also comes with two additional stainless steel racks where you can store bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, oregano, thyme, and other various ingredients needed in cooking delicious foods!

Keep your spices, condiments, and other kitchen essentials neatly organized with this 4 tier magnetic spice rack. The rack is made of durable metal and features a magnetic design that allows you to store it on your refrigerator or any other metal surface. Plus, the baskets are spacious enough to store a variety of items.

4. Roysili Magnetic Spice Rack

The product is a modern design spice rack. It’s easy to install and can be installed either on the side or in front of a fridge. No need to punch holes in your refrigerator anymore! The smooth, rounded edge makes the product safe and comfortable to use.

Made from durable steel, this magnetic rack holds spices right at eye level keeping it instantly accessible as needed without having to rummage through others items on your countertops. In addition, you’ll never have an excuse for clanking pots together again!

If you’ve ever had trouble hanging anything heavy outside of the reach of children or pets, then Roysili’s Magnetic Shelf should be your next purchase. With a sturdy steel frame that can hold up to 5 lbs and strong magnets on the back, this product is perfect for those with dishwashers in their kitchen.

There are no flimsy components to worry about falling apart after only a few weeks’ use-each units is stringently checked before being sent out to customers so you know what you’re getting is top quality. And best yet-there are no restrictions on how long this 100% satisfaction guarantee lasts!

5. Jocabo 2 Pack Magnetic Spice Rack

The Jocabo 2 Pack Magnetic Shelf is a great way to organize your spices and free up cabinet space. The version is ideal for the fridge, iron oven, or other metal surfaces. This product is a space saver and is perfect for extra storage needs.

Not only does it organize your fridge, but you can also use them in the kitchen or bathroom! The magnetic jar holder is great for spices and useful because it clears counter space. Don’t let yourself be limited to one spot- put them at opposite sides of the parts of your home that need organization.

This high-quality magnetic spice rack is perfect for your kitchen! Made of sturdy metal steel and treated with a matte finish, this rack is safe, healthy, and easy to use. With strong magnets on the back, it can be attached to any magnetic surface – like the refrigerator – without the need for screws or drilling. Keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy with this convenient spice rack!

6. MR LISTEN Fridge Spice Rack

This sleek and modern magnetic spice rack is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. The easy-to-install design makes it quick and simple to put on the side or front of your refrigerator, and the super-strong magnets ensure that it will not gradually slide down. Whether you are looking for an oven, microwave, or washing machine safe rack, this one has you covered.

The product is the perfect way to organize your pantry. Forget about tripping over your spices while trying to make dinner; with our convenient and quality-assured storage system, you’ll never have trouble finding what you need. Plus, if our spice rack isn’t enough for your needs, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on GUARANTEED 100% satisfaction – Replacements or a refund anytime!

This is the perfect way to store all of your spices in one place. The quality construction and materials make this product a long-lasting addition to your kitchen.

7. SOSMAR Magnetic Shelf for Refrigerator

Looking for a quality and space-saving magnetic spice rack? Look no further than the SOSMAR’s model. Made of sturdy metal steel with a matte black painted finish, this rack is built to last and can hold up to 9 lbs. Additionally, the magnets on the back keep it securely attached to your fridge or another metal surface. So whether you’re looking to save some countertop space or just organize your spices in a neat and tidy way, the SOSMAR Spice Rack is a perfect choice.

This set of two refrigerator spice racks is the perfect way to organize and store your spices. The racks are 12”x4.1”x2.75”, making them the perfect size for most refrigerators, and include eight utensil hooks to provide extra storage space. Our fridge organizer set is rigorously screened for quality before it’s sent to you, so you can be confident in its durability. If you’re not happy with our product for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick resolution.

8. YCOCO Single Tier Refrigerator Spice

This rack is the perfect way to organize your spices and free up cabinet space. The super-strong magnet on the back holds the rack in place, while the sleek white design blends in with any kitchen décor. The rack fits easily onto any cabinet door and can hold up to 10 lbs of weight, making it perfect for storing sugar, salt, olive oil, spices, pepper, or other small items.

The YCOCO Magnetic Spice Organizer is the perfect way to keep your spices organized and easily accessible. The strong magnetic backing ensures that it will stay attached to your refrigerator, microwave, or washing machine. Made of steel and magnet, it is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

9. PENGKE Refrigerator Storage Shelf

Looking for a stylish and functional way to organize your spices? Look no further than the PENGKE Spice Rack Organizer! This rack is made of high-quality steel and comes with two tiers of storage space. It also features a removable iron rod, making it perfect for hanging paper towel rolls, rags, and more. Plus, the magnets on the back keep it firmly in place.

This compact kitchen organizer comes with 4 sturdy hooks so you can easily keep everything within arm’s reach – whether it’s in the fridge, on the stovetop, or near your sink. With two layers of powerful magnets and 5 large interior compartments for spices and small items like measuring spoons/cups, this magnetic rack will help free up space on your counters while keeping all of your most important tools accessible at all times.

10. JONYJ Spice Storage Shelf

This shelf is perfect for holding spices, salt shakers, olive oil, seasonings, tea, coffee syrup, and more. The magnets on the back of the shelf allow you to attach it to any metal surface – including your refrigerator – so that your items are always within reach. Plus, the sleek design means it will integrate seamlessly into your kitchen décor.

This appliance is strong, sturdy, and easy to use. It’s the perfect kitchen organizer that not only holds spices in place but also helps save space on your countertop or refrigerator by freeing up valuable work areas. Nickel-plated metal will not chip, rust or peel as you might get with other plastics. With free protective pads included, it can be safely installed without leaving behind any scratches on your metallic appliances!

11. Sleclean Refrigerator Organizer

Prepare for the unforgettable taste of every dish with Sleclean Magnetic Spice Rack. This magnetic kitchen organizer has double layers to hold up to 10-12 spice jars, saving you plenty of space in your refrigerator and keeping everything within easy reach for when you’re ready to make yummy meals. With enough spice racks to keep all your condiments organized, this is a must-have product for any cooking enthusiast who values style as much as delicious flavor.

Sleeks design with many functional features, this rack organizer is the ultimate tool in kitchen organization. We all know how important it is to cook meals quickly and efficiently when we’re constantly on the go or cooking for a large family – it can be difficult or even impossible if your spices are clumped together and nonspillable.

The appliance solves that problem using strong magnets which attach easily to steel surfaces without drilling screws. It doesn’t matter if you use a stainless steel fridge, cabinet, or freezer because these magnets will hold tightly from any angle.

12. Kulmeo Magnetic Shelf

Keep your spices organized and accessible with this Kulmeo model. This easy-to-install, easy-to-use magnetic spice rack is great for the kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, or microwave oven. The strong magnet design ensures that your spices will be securely held in place, while the movable design allows you to position them where you want.

Instead of letting your spices and condiments get lost in a cluttered drawer, we offer magnetic spice racks that mount right to the front of your refrigerator and will look good while they work! Our powder-coated racks are made from durable iron and won’t scratch your hand if you accidentally brush against them. Simply hold any canister with one hand, push its base onto the rack–while still holding it–to get a strong connection so it stays put.

13. POPKU Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack

The POPKU Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack will be a great addition to any refrigerator. It features 4 hooks and a magnetic surface that can hold small items in place without taking up too much space.

Because it’s so easy to move around, you can place this on the back of your fridge with all your most needed spices close by without taking up valuable kitchen counter space! Say goodbye to arranging family members in order from closest to furthest when they’re reaching for condiments or looking for their favorite cereal at breakfast time.

The chrome-plated rack resists corrosion and rusting for long-lasting use without expensive replacement costs. Strong magnets secure jars in place so they don’t slide down the refrigerator when opened, making it a perfect solution for anyone who wants an easier way to store spices, condiments, leftovers, and other items in their fridge!

14. X kang 4 Tier Magnetic Spice Racks

Are you tired of your spices taking up valuable countertop space? Do you constantly search for the right jar while trying to avoid a spices avalanche? With our X Kang 4 Tier, those days are behind you! This space-efficient storage solution allows you to hang up to 8 regular-sized jars, making it easy to find the spice you need. Plus, the magnetic base prevents jars from sliding around, so you can keep your countertop clutter-free.

This set includes four rustic black spice racks and mounting material, making it easy for you to attach them to the side of your refrigerator or cabinet. The spice jars are not included, but you can vary the distance between the shelves as needed, thanks to the flexible hanging hardware included.

15. eHomeA2Z Refrigerator Black Organizer

It’s not as if you need another tabletop to pile on with even more spices that typically leads to unavoidable counter clutter. So why not free up the space and keep those tops visibly clear with this chic, stylish spice rack holder!

Hang it anywhere in your home for efficient organization and easy access: on a cabinet or pantry door, behind appliances you can’t see like the refrigerator or dishwasher, outside near the barbecue smoker—make use of all areas possible so you don’t have to muffle cooking instructions from dirty memories of searching for an old container.

Employed by professionals and amateurs alike, it will function well as a gift idea for anyone who needs extra storage or just wants their life back indoors after living abroad too long.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Spice Rack

Lots of people do, and they are great because they take up less room than traditional glass or plastic containers. They also make it easier to organize your spices so that you can see everything clearly. If this sounds like a good idea for your kitchen, then you need to start looking for the best magnetic spice rack. There are lots of different racks available in many sizes and options, which means that there’s something perfect for every home.

But how do you know what is the ideal spice rack? This is where we come in, as we put together some advice to help you get the perfect rack for your needs.


One of the most important factors in deciding the type of spice rack you’re looking for is its capacity and the dimensions of the rack as well. A lot of them are compact racks, as well as magnetic versions definitely make life easier however some are more substantial than others. Do you think you can manage to have a few of your most frequently used ingredients at hand and then store the rest elsewhere is it the type of cook who needs all the spices feasible at your fingertips?


Certain spice racks require their own containers, whereas others, like Stove Shelf, can accommodate any kind of jar that you own. However, some work for round jars, but not for jars that are square. If you’re a person who doesn’t buy the same spices or the exact size spice jar from the same brand, you might be required to determine if you’d like to move all of your spices into containers that are part of an assortment or select an appropriate rack that can accommodate various sizes and shapes.


Although a rack is used for a practical purpose that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look elegant. This is particularly the case if you’re planning to store your rack somewhere that is visible, such as an island. It’s good to know that magnetic spice racks are available in a variety of styles to match your taste. If you’re planning on placing your spice rack on the door of a cabinet or on the sides of your refrigerator the aesthetics may not be as crucial.

Storage Space

If you’re a cook who’s only occasionally or prefers to cook distinctive dishes often, you’ll require an appliance that can hold all your different spices. If you’ve got a huge collection of spices, it’s best to choose models that are bigger or adaptable to any future additions. For those who only use pepper and salt, or maybe occasionally spice like garlic, then a less hefty rack could be more suitable. But even if you’re frequently cooking the idea of a huge magnetic spice rack isn’t practical. In this situation, it’s better to store the less-used spices in your cabinet or pantry, and then keep your most popular spices on your spice cabinet.


A lot of racks are made with magnets that stick to the sides of refrigerators, however, your stove might not be right next to the fridge. Certain racks can be installed on walls, which can be more convenient. Some magnetic racks are attached to the upper part of your cooktop. Racks can be combined units that can also accommodate other kitchen essentials. Select one that makes the most sense for the space limitations and kitchen style.

The Benefits of Using A Magnetic Spice Rack

When you use a magnetic spice rack, not only are you making the most of valuable counter space (which is often at a premium in kitchens because of the number of cabinets and appliances), but you’re also making it easier to see your spices. No more digging through jars or piles on the countertops trying to find what you want! You can even put several racks next to each other if you have a lot of spices.

Using them also makes cooking much easier, because you can see your spices without having to take them out of the cupboard each time. When you know what spices are available, it’s much less likely that you’ll forget to add certain ingredients or make substitutions that alter the flavor of your dish.

Because these spice racks are made from sturdy material, they can hold a lot of weight. That means you won’t have to worry about the spices spilling out when you take them off the rack and put them back on, or that the jars will get knocked over if someone bumps into your counter. In fact, many racks are designed with extra space for this reason.

How to Make a Magnetic Spice Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I clean magnetic spice rack shelves?

Wipe any spilled spices from the surface and use a dry cloth or paper towel. The rest of your jar’s contents should be easy to wipe away as well. The best way to clean the metal strip or corner in which you have mounted your jars is to wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

2. What kinds of spices can I put in a magnetic spice rack?

You can only put spices in a magnetic spice rack, as anything else will damage the magnets. In addition, you have to make sure that you mount your spices on a metal strip or corner. If the jar is made out of clear glass, you will have to put it in a paper sleeve before mounting it.

3. Is a magnetic spice rack sturdy enough to hold up heavy spices?

If it’s large enough to hold heavy spices, then it will be sturdy enough to hold up those spices.

4. Does a magnetic spice rack take up much space?

The largest shelf model that I have takes up more space than most other spices racks, but it is also the only model I have that is adjustable. Magnetic spice racks can come in different shapes and sizes, so if you don’t need a shelf that is as long, then opt for a smaller shelf with a thinner footprint.

5. Can the magnets damage the seals on my spices?

The magnets are too weak to break or even affect your spices’ plastic seals. In addition, as long as you mount your spices on a metal strip or corner, the magnets will not even touch the plastic parts of the jar. Even if they do make contact with the plastic, magnets don’t have any effect on most plastics.


We hope this list of the 15 best magnetic spice rack reviews helped you narrow down your search for the perfect product. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to organize your spices or a gift idea for someone else who is in need of organizational help, we think there’s one here that will work perfectly with your needs. If not? Keep searching!

There are many more options out there and hopefully, our list has provided some guidance along the way. Have questions about these magnetic spice racks? Ask away in the comments section below – we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible (we may even include it on an FAQ page if it comes up often enough!). Good luck finding what you’re looking for!

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