15 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews of 2021 You Can Choose

Outdoor pizza ovens are best for the summer. They allow you to enjoy a delicious, piping hot pizza without having to go inside or worry about your house catching on fire.

In this article, we will cover the top 15 best outdoor pizza ovens to help you find the best one for your needs.

From the best features to the best prices on the market, these 15 reviews will give you all of the information that you need before making your purchase!

What Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Outdoor pizza ovens are a common cooking appliance used in many parts of the world. They are typically located outdoors and have a heated dome with one or more openings for placing pizza dough, which is then baked at high temperatures. These ovens come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, whether you’re cooking on a small scale or large-scale production.

Some outdoor ovens use gas as their heating source, while others rely on wood fires to produce that all-important smoky flavor that’s so popular among professional chefs. For those of us who want an easy way to enjoy good food without having to do the work ourselves, there’s nothing better than an outdoor pizza oven!

Why Buy An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

There are a number of reasons why I buy an outdoor pizza oven.

  • One is because it can be a lot of fun to make pizza on the grill. There’s also the fact that making pizzas outside gives you a chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, which is preferable to be stuck in the kitchen all day long.
  • Another reason why people often buy an outdoor pizza oven is that it can be used during any season, whereas most indoor ovens can only be used when the weather is either really cold or really hot.

If you enjoy hosting parties and gatherings, then an outdoor oven can be a great way to entertain your guests.

Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens On The Market

Pizza ovens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they generally fall into one of two categories:

Gas-powered Ovens

Gas-powered pizza ovens are typically the cheapest option available, but they can be difficult to install and use without professional help. They also take up more space than other types of outdoor pizza ovens. One benefit is that it does not require a venting system which helps keep your house free from smoke smells when cooking pizzas.

Wood-fired Ovens

A wood-fired pizza oven cooks pizzas quickly, but it also requires a lot more effort to use. It is not as quick as a gas-powered model, and you cannot start cooking right away once the coals are hot enough. Wood-fired models require that you first heat up your house with leftover ashes from previous fires. You also need to buy wood which can be expensive.

In general, outdoor pizza ovens are either wood-fired or gas-powered. The type you choose will depend on your location as well as your budget and personal preference. If you live in an area that is too cold for a wood fire to be lit year-round, then a gas-powered version may be the best choice for you.

List of 15 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews

1. ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • We all love that perfect crispy pizza crust, don’t we? However, time can be a constraint, and sometimes waiting for the oven to heat up doesn’t give us the result we’re looking for. Say hello to Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven. This brilliant outdoor cooker has retractable legs and detachable dual-fuel burners, meaning you can enjoy delicious wood-fired, stone oven-style pizza in just 60 seconds!
  • With an inbuilt thermometer and safe touch insulation keeping your fingers cool as you cook–and with a luxurious exterior to keep it protected from those inevitable accident moments where someone spills something molten all over it—we think this is one innovation that beats taking out delivery every night!

2. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

  • Cooking over an open flame is the perfect taste of summer. With Camp Chef’s Italia Artisan Pizza Oven, you can have flavorful results available to smoke your meats for pizza even when it rains outside! This oven has a double-layered ceiling that enhances heating dynamics to produce industry-leading baking results.
  • The Camp Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven is perfect for making pizzas, bread, roasting meats, and more! This oven has plenty of space to accommodate your desired food.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction helps make cleanup quick and easy. The outdoor pizza oven uses 1-lb disposable propane bottles (included!). You can run it on an external bulk tank or one of the refillable internal tanks.
  • Don’t let your pizza stone handle the cooking for you when you can use any surface with this Artisan Pizza Oven!

3. Cuisinart CPO-600 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • This Cuisinart CPO-600 is perfect for your secluded porch (we know we spend a lot of time there ourselves) or to bring along on the next camping trip. The Cuisinart Outdoor Pizza Oven features all of the abilities needed to make delicious pizzas in just 5 minutes without flames burning down your house! With its quick prep and easy clean-up, this oven will be your new BFF.
  • Make any size pizza you want with this 143 square inch cooking surface, which has a 15,000 BTU burner for efficient heating and high air temperatures for even cooking. The design is compact, so it’s perfect for transporting or taking up little space on your deck or balcony.
  • If you’re looking for an even tastier outer crust, smoke it with wood chips while cooking using this delightful Cuisinart Smoke Chip Cup that comes included. The possibilities are endless with pizza flavors since you can use any flavorings available at the grocery store!

4. Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven 

  • Cook authentic fire-baked pizza in your backyard! Meet Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven. With the ability to cook with wood, charcoal, or gas (sold separately), this oven is perfect for any day of the week. At over 950°f during cooking and 650°f while preheating, it cooks pizza in just 60 seconds.
  • It weighs just 26.4 lbs, so it won’t wear out your hands when you’re lugging it to that epic camping trip or into that outdoor restaurant where they have no heat source for pizzas.
  • All this, plus through-the-door visibility, excellent temperature control, and an ultra-durable body means more delicious gourmet pizzas in less time.
  • Plus, there are tons of other dishes you can cook up in this oven, too – find maximum versatility in cooking styles!

5. Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven – Award Winning Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven is sure to make outdoor cooking easier, faster, and better. It can fire up in 15 minutes for pizzas, roast meats, fish, and vegetables with its 13-inch pizza plates adjustable heat control dial – warming you up on cool evenings without the need for firing up your big oven.
  • The insulated steel shell means optimum heat retention, so you can seamlessly go from the fryer to perfect pie using one appliance. Ooni Koda has all the benefits of an outdoor oven (heat retention) but none of the downsides (rusts).

6. ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM 4 Pizze Outdoor Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • The ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM is a stainless steel outdoor pizza oven with MFS outer layer for protection against weathering. The circulating convection of warm air accomplishes the heating through the oven chamber. It is created via the natural burning of solid fuel (wood), which makes it more ecological than using gas or electricity.
  • This oven has excellent thermal insulation and resistance to heat, with the door allowing for optimum temperature control. It comes with a glass-ceramic window capable of resisting up to 800 degrees celsius, so you can check on your pizza while it cooks – even while the door stays closed.
  • With this outdoor kitchen, you can quickly fire up delicious pizzas that are sure to be the hit of the party. Made with durable stainless steel and coated in double-layer dust such as heat and weather-resistant materials, don’t worry about it rusting even when left outside all year long.
  • Its essential design is also its finest quality: large dimensions and mouth size make cooking four pizzas at the time possible in 90 seconds; an 8.8lbs bread load can be cooked in one round (with the temperature reaching up to 500/600 degrees Celsius).

7. Thor Kitchen Outdoor Wood Fried Pizza Oven

  • Get the best quality outdoor pizza oven for your home with Thor Kitchen Outdoor Wood Fried Pizza Oven. This sleek stainless steel construction is polished so you can enjoy a professional finish.
  • With a temperature gauge range of 100-800 degrees f, you can cook anything from pizza to ribs to chicken on its sturdy rectangular grates. The terracotta clay oven stones will bake your crust crispy and evenly browned while letting the toppings stay moist and delicious.
  • In just ten minutes, this space-saving oven will be heated up to 800 degrees using wood as fuel which means no gas or oil fires that may need continuous attention– perfect for those of us who have little time or patience when it comes to cooking!

8. Hungry Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • The Hungry Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven is the perfect way to enjoy fresh pizza in less than one minute. Cooking outdoor pizzas on a gas grill, you will be able to heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and enjoy your first side of freshly cooked deliciousness.
  • This safe, simple to use gas-fired outdoor pizza oven is made of coated steel that makes it sturdy enough to stand up to all sorts of climates while still being versatile in its placement options. The included stone base means food cooks evenly and properly inside walls insulated with steel.
  • You can choose between toppings and cook them for 60-90 seconds each so that you won’t have those tough pieces of dough leftover with just cheese melted inside. With an easily assembled product, this will be great for any occasion where there are large amounts of people who want pizza or who want something worth cooking outdoors as well as camping trips.

9. CAPT’N COOK OvenPlus Portable Gas Pizza Oven

  • Create your own masterpiece with OvenPlus! Whether it’s a vibrant traditional pie or imaginative gourmet pizza, the world is your canvas. Inspire others with your mastery of culinary artistry, easily bake Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York-style pizzas, and much more.
  • A double cooking area can do all sorts of culinary imagination, so you won’t have to worry about deciding what kind of pizza you want. With free pizza peel and cutter inside, OvenPlus is your perfect partner for outdoor activities. The sturdy handle also allows the oven to be portable and easy to use, making it ideal for checking on your food without getting scalded by the lid.
  • This outdoor pizza oven also comes equipped with a drawer grill, so you don’t have to attempt flipping a pizza without getting scalded. Pizza won’t need to be spun while cooking due to the thermal convection design that distributes heat evenly. Double cooking areas offer no compromises for power in each layer, from top stone that reaches 900 degrees Fahrenheit and bottom grill that goes as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Feast on more of life’s pleasures with the convenience and accessibility of the outdoor pizza oven from BIG HORN. Feast your senses as you deftly compose flavor combinations that will stir up memories, not only for those who experience it but also for those who delight in watching others enjoy their tasty creations because this oven takes cooking to a transcendent level!
  • With a high-quality stainless steel construction and compact size, the BIG HORN outdoor pizza oven is safe for outdoor use; now, everyone can make their culinary dreams become a reality. The sturdy design comes equipped with folding legs that require minimal assembly without tools – ready to cook in 18 minutes! What will you create?

11. Red Stag Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Let’s be honest. There are so many ways to create delicious pizza at home, but what if you enjoy cooking with your favorite Traeger/Pit Boss/Camp Shef/EMBERS? With the addition of this Red Stag Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven kit, breaking down your creations into bite-sized slices will feel like a breeze.
  • The best part is that this oven only takes 5-10 minutes to cook after preheat! No excuses for not getting fresh hot pizza any time you desire it now. And because the design offers an updated slot hole on top – no need to worry about interference with the probe of heat indicators on your hood either. Enjoying delicious outdoor Italian cuisine has never been easier.

12. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – Everything Bundle

  • The Bertello Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven is a versatile cooking station with two methods for producing delicious pizzas. You can cook using wood and charcoal, or you could use the gas burner attachment to create a delicious crispy crust topped with fresh ingredients.
  • The oven even provides a pizza peel that enables you perfect trickling your toppings onto your dough while it cooks. Whether this is used in an outdoor home kitchen or at a campsite while out on vacation, these little helpers make life easier when dinner time rolls around.
  • With over 1400 square inches of cooking surface (12 ½” x 13 ½”), there’s no worry about running out of space if you need to make batches simultaneously for family and friends alike!

13. GYBER Fremont Wood Fired Pizza Oven (Outdoor)

  • Do you love pizza as much as the rest of us? Well, now, with the GYBER Fremont model, outdoor grill, and pizza oven, you can make those crispy slices from scratch!
  • A double-layered oven design that heats up to 800F in minutes with an air intake system is perfect for cooking all types of foods without burning.
  • Made from food-grade safe stainless steel and coming complete with a wood pellet boiler with a capacity of 10lbs, it’s easy to use too! Featuring accessory kits for steaks, burgers, etc. This product will have your mouth watering even just reading about it – why don’t you order one today?

14. BIG HORN OUTDOORS Gas Pizza Oven

  • This high-quality product is perfect for cooking delicious and evenly cooked pizza in a short amount of time! With stainless steel and 23000 BTU burners, this oven will provide the perfect conditions to create crispy crusts with extravagant toppings.
  • With this built-in thermometer to check the inside temperature anytime, crank up both knobs with ease after lighting it to diffuse heat evenly across this 13 inch stone. And use the dough rolling pin that is included conveniently for making duty easier. Now everything is all set! Just wait 15 minutes or less before enjoying a fresh oven-baked pizza of your own creation.
  • Enjoy cooking even while on the go, thanks to its stable design, which makes it quick to assemble. Preparing your pizza couldn’t be easier when all you need are two things: your outdoor gas pizza oven and one bag of TOPPINGS.

15. U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire with Waterproof Cover

  • U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire is an outdoor oven that can be used to cook pizzas from scratch or ready-made frozen ones. The model is perfect for family gatherings, BBQs, and camping.
  • There are 2 big wheels on the bottom, making it easy for you to move around with this freestanding outdoor unit or roll right up to where you are cooking on your patio. The powder-coated surface promises corrosion resistance and will last for years of outside activities while also providing insulation against any weather conditions Mother Nature throws at us.
  • It uses firewood as fuel to efficiently cook pizzas at an even temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit at full capacity. This steel space-age material will spark an interest in pizzas that have never been seen before, with its even heat delivery being perfect every time!
  • Lovely as a gift idea, this stylish pizza oven will provide hours of entertainment with its wood-burning function as you satisfy your hunger with warm, delicious pizza. You can cook two large pizzas at the same time without having to wait too long, thanks to the preheat timer and built-in thermometer, which help you monitor temperature during the cooking process.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for You

A great way to cook pizzas is in the best outdoor pizza oven. There are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing the ideal one for you. Here are some of the things you should consider when deciding which type of oven to buy:


The oven’s size is important. A large outdoor pizza oven is necessary to cook a 16-inch pizza if you host pizza parties every Friday night. A smaller oven may be the best option if you cook for your family or yourself.

Your pizza’s size will depend on the oven. There are many options for outdoor space if you have a limited amount of space. Don’t worry, though; a smaller oven doesn’t necessarily mean a lesser oven. Some pizza ovens can be used on balconies or terraces, as they are designed for limited space.

They also require less fuel and heat up faster because they are smaller. They are also portable and can be stored more easily than bulkier models.


Many small outdoor pizza oven models come with detachable parts and collapsible legs. These are great for making pizzas at home, at the park, on camping trips, or at a friend’s backyard barbecue.

The portable models can be assembled and disassembled quickly and come with a bag to hold everything together. Although the oven may be portable, it is not always light. Some ovens can be as light as 25 pounds, while others can weigh as much as 50 pounds.

Easy to Clean

You will need a removable stone to clean underneath and around it. After each pizza is removed from the oven, it leaves a layer of cornmeal or flour on the stone. You need to remove this residue so that your next pies don’t taste like old fireplaces.

Because outdoor pizza ovens have chimney pipes, soot can build up. This means that they require extra care in cleaning. To burn any chimney soot, heat the oven for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

Cooking Surface

This is another important aspect that you should pay attention to. You want to get the best possible service from your oven. Make sure it can handle the amount of pizza you plan to make without compromising the quality, flavor, or authenticity.

If you have a small family, you might choose a smaller cooking surface. If you plan to purchase an outdoor pizza oven for commercial purposes, you will need one with a large cooking area to meet your cooking needs.

Weather Durability

Outdoor fixtures must be stronger than indoor appliances. The outdoor pizza oven must be at least partially waterproof, have strong connections and seams, and not have many openings. Your appliance will be more susceptible to wind and precipitation if it has more cracks or openings.

A less weather-resistant oven may be necessary if you live in a climate that is very consistent throughout the year. It’s essential if your area experiences significant temperature fluctuations. You can check the oven description for weather resistance.

Maximum Temperature

In a regular oven, pizzas cook at 350 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be cooked at higher temperatures in outdoor pizza ovens, some of which reach over 900°F.

Some outdoor ovens can cook pizza in less than two minutes, even at the highest temperatures. It takes practice to cook a pizza in such a short time and not burn it.

Cooking time is affected by the thickness of the crust, how much sauce, and how many toppings you add. Although high maximum temperatures allow for more cooking options, it can take some time to master how to use an oven to its full potential without burning the pizza.


Insulation can make your pizzas cook faster. Insulated outdoor pizza ovens are a great choice. It will make your experience much more enjoyable. Insulation makes cooking and heat retention much easier.

Ceramic material and stainless steel are the best heat-retaining materials.

Tips for Using Your New Outdoor Pizza Oven

Whether you’re having a family gathering, hosting an outdoor barbecue, or just want to have the best pizza possible for your next movie night, it’s important to know how to use your new outdoor pizza oven. Here are some tips on getting started:

  • Heat up the oven for at least 30 minutes before baking any pizzas. This will give the stone time to heat up and release excess moisture in order to produce a crisp crust with well-browned toppings.
  • If using one of the charcoal models, make sure that all coals are completely lit before placing them under the cooking grid. If using one of the gas models, simply turn on the propane tank valve until it clicks off when there is adequate pressure in order for the oven to heat up.
  • Spray the peel with a light coat of nonstick cooking oil and dust it lightly with flour before placing dough on top for easy sliding into the oven. If you don’t have a baking/pizza stone, simply use an inverted sheet pan or cast-iron skillet as your first pizza will usually create a bit of smoke from excess flour or cornmeal on the base.
  • Before baking, use a quick shake to check that your cooking grid is centered and level so as not to allow toppings or cheese to slide off during transport. You may need an extra hand for this step!

How To Care for Your New Outdoor Pizza Oven

These ovens are fun and easy to use when you know how to care for them!

The first rule of caring for your new outdoor pizza oven is to get it unpacked and installed correctly. Make sure the top of the oven is leveled and secured. You will also want to make sure there’s clearance around it so you can have an open flame without running the risk of igniting anything near it.

Another thing you should always do to care for your outdoor pizza oven is clean it. Even if there’s no visible food on the bottom of your new oven, take a few minutes after each use and wipe out any excess ash or other residue left behind from cooking. This will prevent staining, corrosion, and rusting! If anything does get stuck on, you can use some water and a clean cloth to remove it.

Another thing that will keep your oven looking good is removing the lid after each time you cook in it. This keeps dust from building up inside of holes or cracks, which could affect how well the next pizza cooks! Be sure to wipe off any food residue as soon as you can. If there is any food left on the oven for too long, it will become more difficult to clean and might affect how well your next pizza cooks!

Every now and then, an outdoor pizza oven may need a little bit of extra care in order to be sure that they are always working at their best! One way you could look after your oven is by cleaning the inside of it with some soap and water. This will remove any residue or food particles that could affect how well you can cook!

FAQs About Outdoor Pizza Oven

What are the benefits of cooking pizza outdoors?

Cooking pizza outdoors takes full advantage of the natural heat, especially when cooking on a wood-fired oven or with charcoal. It also provides clean air around food preparation and open space for gatherings.

Is a stainless steel oven better than a brick oven?

Yes, a stainless steel oven is typically better than a brick oven. Stainless steel often provides better heat distribution and more even cooking, which helps make the cook timeless intensive; while brick ovens can be difficult to regulate and maintain consistency in cooking.

Why does an outdoor wood-fired oven make a great purchase?

An outdoor wood-fired oven makes a great purchase because they are beautiful, versatile, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Many people today not only love to entertain but also want to stay connected with family while outside on their deck or in their yard. Wood-fired ovens easily meet that need for cooking delicious food with friends and family outdoors while keeping everyone together at the same time it’s cooking.

Are there any disadvantages to having an outdoor oven for pizza baking?

One of the disadvantages to having an outdoor oven for pizza baking is that it cannot be easily moved. Another disadvantage is that an outdoor pizza oven can take up a large amount of space since it also needs leeway, so the fire doesn’t burn down any nearby objects. Lastly, there are safety considerations when considering having a wood-burning or other type of outside gas-fired appliance in your backyard.


The outdoor pizza oven is a great way to enjoy your favorite pie without waiting for the delivery person or risking an unpleasant visit from the fire department. We’ve compiled 15 of the best models on today’s market, so you can find one that fits all of your needs and preferences!

From size to price point, these reviews will guide you through selecting the perfect model for whatever kind of cooking space you have available in your backyard. Whether it be gas-powered, electric-powered, wood-fired–, we got them all covered here at best outdoor pizza oven reviews.

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